2017-04-06 - EE Times Asia

Digitalisation to push security-related spending

Global spending on security solutions will achieve an 8.7% CAGR through 2020, when revenues will be nearly $105 billion, according…

2017-04-03 - Harald Maier, TQ Group

System development must focus on security

In the future, everything will be networked to everything else, creating vulnerabilities for spying and tampering. System designers must view…

2017-01-24 - Synopsys

Coverity 8.7 boosts analysis for mobile, web apps

Coverity tool’s 8.7 version expands and enhances analysis via plugins with IDEs like Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, IntelliJ and…

2017-01-02 - Warren Miller

Securing embedded systems’ data

Additional security layers should be provided when remote updates and bug fixes are supported by the embedded device.

2016-12-14 - None

Vietnam moves to strengthen cybersecurity laws

As network attacks grow sophisticated, laws are needed to strengthen network security, says Vietnam IC deputy minister Hung.

2016-07-08 - Toni Urrutia

Drones accelerate land mapping in the Philippines

Drones may be the solution to the Philippines' land titling and mapping woes, with only an estimated half of the…

2016-07-06 - Toni Urrutia

Startup incubator eyes Asia for AI

The global market for robotics and artificial intelligence systems is expected to be worth around US$153 billion by 2020, propelling…

2016-06-27 - Analog Devices

Low-power transceiver delivers reliable radio connections

The ADF7030-1 features a highly sensitive receiver and superior immunity to signal interferences as well as low power modes, including…

2016-06-20 -

China set to deliver supercomputer “Tianhe-3” by 2020

Tianhe-3, the next major milestone in supercomputing performance, is set to be released by China in 2020. But will its…

2016-06-15 - Zytronic

Force touch sensors make their way to commercial apps

Zytronic's touch sensors are now capable of force sensing to allow touch sensors in ATMs, kiosks, game terminals and interactive…