2021-04-09 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Intel Launches Ice Lake—First CPU Family on 10nm Process

Intel’s Ice Lake CPU for the data center is better late than never, and promises performance advantages across AI, 5G…

2021-03-18 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Intel Horse Ridge II Brings Quantum Computing a Step Closer to Commercial Reality

Intel unveiled Horse Ridge II, its second-generation cryogenic control chip with the goal of overcoming the scalability of quantum systems.

- Don Scansen

Chiplets to Open Up Completely New More than Moore Roadmap

The basic idea behind chiplets might not be entirely new, but the concept goes several steps further than the idea…

2021-03-15 - Junko Yoshida

NXP BlueBox 3.0 to Enable “Differentiated Vehicles”

NXP Semiconductors' BlueBox 3.0 automotive development platform doubles the embedded computing power of BlueBox 2.0 and boosts I/O and PCIe…

2021-03-09 - Don Scansen

Arm Survey Highlights Tech Predictions Amid COVID-19

Technologists believe that attitudes and behaviors that people adopted during the pandemic are likely to linger for some time to…

2021-03-05 - Junko Yoshida

Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound Optimizes Wireless Audio Quality

Qualcomm unveiled “Snapdragon Sound,” proprietary software and hardware technologies designed to optimize wireless quality in an entire audio chain.

2021-03-02 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Bringing 8-Bit Training Breakthroughs to AI Hardware

State-of-the-art low precision algorithmic work now embodied in 4-core AI accelerator chip, enabling efficient 8-bit training and 4-bit inference...

2021-02-25 - Don Scansen

ISSCC 2021: Focus on the SoCs

There were three papers with impact on SoC technology: one on AI vision, one on nanosheets, one looking at power…

2021-02-23 - Don Scansen

ISSCC 2021: We Can See Clearly Now

There is no reason good reason that imaging sensors should always emulate human vision...

2021-02-19 - Mike Feibus

Nvidia-Arm Deal: Wrong on So Many Levels

Here’s why so many tech companies believe Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s proposed acquisition of Arm is bad for business...