2022-05-11 - Majeed Ahmad

New Fabs Being Built for Analog, Power Semiconductors

Analog, power, and RF semiconductors ship in high volumes and are good enough to keep a 300-mm fab busy at…

2022-04-27 - United Microelectronics Corp.

DENSO and USJC Partner on Automotive Power Semiconductors

DENSO and UMC subsidiary USJC will collaborate on the production of power semiconductors at USJC's 300mm fab.

- STMicroelectronics

L9908, 48V Batteries Applications and 3 Current Sensors Usher an Awesome Generation of Cars

With ST's L9908, engineers can create truly redundant systems in electric power steering that would provide enough torque during a…

2022-04-15 - Mouser Electronics Inc.

Mouser Electronics Empowers Engineers Through Extensive Power Management Resources and Solutions

Mouser Electronics is offering engineers and designers an expansive resource for power management information.

- Transphorm Inc.

Transphorm to Demo 99% Efficiency Power Switching Using GaN Power Transistor at ISPSD 2022

Transphorm will demonstrate leading-edge R&D results from its 1200V GaN device at the ISPSD 2022 conference.

2022-04-01 - Stephen Las Marias

EELife: RECOM R&D Lead Engineer Stanislav Suchovsky

"Going back to the basics is usually always correct."

- Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices’ wBMS Achieves ISO/SAE 21434 Certification

ADI's wBMS is now certified to the highest standard of automotive cybersecurity engineering and management.

2022-03-31 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Enables Qi 1.3 Wireless Charging with Authentication

Microchip's new industrial grade TrustFLEX ECC608 and the automotive grade Trust Anchor TA100 are designed for Qi 1.3 power transmitters.

2022-03-30 - Siran Wang, Monolithic Power Systems Inc.

Elevating High-Density Adapter Designs with Integrated Capacitive Isolation

The demand for fast charging has driven the unprecedented evolution of high-density adapters.

2022-03-29 - Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices and Gridspertise Collaborating to Strengthen Smart Grids Worldwide

Analog Devices and Gridspertise are collaborating to advance the resiliency and quality of smart grids around the world.

2022-03-28 - Ray-Hua Horng

The Principles, Advantages and Industry Prospects of Fourth Generation Semiconductor Ga2O3 Technology

While high-power, high-frequency SiC and GaN-based third generation components and systems are becoming widely used, fourth generation ultra-wide bandgap gallium…

2022-03-24 - Efficient Power Conversion (EPC)

Benchmark Power Density Achieved Using ‘All-GaN’ Design for USB PD3.1 Reference Design

EPC's EPC9171 reference design can deliver 240W maximum output power at 48V output voltage and 5A load current.