2019-06-26 - Rick Merritt

Patents and Standards Create Licensing Woes

Logjams have emerged for licensing standards-essential patents in codecs and cellular, but Wi-Fi may show the way

2019-05-07 - Rick Merritt

U.S. DoJ Weighs in on Qualcomm Case

Advising the U.S. District Court judge overseeing the FTC's antitrust case against Qualcomm to not disrupt the 5G market is…

2019-04-17 - Rick Merritt

Apple vs Q’comm: All Litigation Dropped

Apple and Qualcomm settled their multi-billion-dollar patent licensing disputes in a sketchy deal that leaves many questions unanswered

2019-03-21 - Dylan McGrath

Asia Leads the Way in International Patent Applications

More than half of the international patent applications submitted via the United Nations’ patent agency originated in Asia for the…

2017-10-05 - Rick Merritt, EE Times

Patent Licensing Is Too Opaque

Someone needs to shine a light on the tech industry's practices with patent royalties, but the latest EU effort takes…