2020-05-25 - SCHURTER

SCHURTER extends PCAP controller portfolio with ILITEK solutions

SCHURTER extends the PCAP controller portfolio with ILITEK further solutions for specific application requirements are available...

2017-04-07 - EE Times Asia

Bi-directional ESD diodes deliver below 12V clamping

The GiGuard Series ESD diodes offers nominal capacitance values spanning 17pF down to 0.3pF and reverse leakage current values below…

2017-03-08 - Linear Technology

Flyback regulator operates at 150°C in 100V VIN range

Linear Technology’s LT8304/-1 isolated flyback regulator generates up to 24W and produces 1kV output voltage in ±5% regulation result.

2017-01-31 - Toshiba

Power MOSFETs reduce on-resistance per area by 79%

Toshiba’s eight MOSFETs reduce on-resistance per area to house lower Ron chips in the same packages, thus minimising power supply…

2016-08-02 - Vishay Intertechnology

Anti-surge chip resistors provide up to 0.4W power rating

Devices in Vishay's Draloric RCS e3 series offer better pulse load performance and ESD surge characteristics when compared to standard…