2017-04-26 - Vivek Nanda

Cree, San’an JV targets mid-power lighting

The JV helps Cree expand from the high-power product segment into mid-power lighting class LED packaged products with initial product…

2017-03-06 - Rick Merritt

Review system inspects mask at EUV level

Inspections of up to 14nm mask defects or a detector supporting 2,000Hz frame rate are just two uphill tests to…

- Rick Merritt

Manufacturers pick EUV combos

Co-optimisation tools are now becoming mainstream to help translate between different worlds of chip designers and lithographers.

- Rick Merritt

EUV lithography scanner aims to produce 104 wafers/h

The ASML NXE:3400B EUV lithography scanner runs at 148W to produce 104 wafers/h, capable of creating overlays within a 3nm…

2017-02-20 - Julien Happich

R&D project targets LED design enhancement

The FLINGO project focuses on the functional layers and processes to develop LEDs for lifetime electrical resistance and improved light…

2017-02-15 - Panasonic

Transparent screen turns windows into digital signage

Panasonic has combined glass with high-contrast light-control film consisting of a transparent-cloudy white switching layer and a hue control layer.

2017-02-08 - KAIST

3D hologram adopts SLM, DM for hi-res displays

Adding diffusers or frosted glasses to wavefront modulators in 3D holographic display improves the size and viewing angle by more…

2017-02-06 - CSEM

Fabric-based electrodes brighten OLED future

Sefar fabric-based electrodes simplify the large-area OLED production by eliminating the evaporation, photolithography and electrical insulation.

2016-12-20 - Susan Nordyk

Osram 1050nm LED: Match for infrared spectroscopy

Emitting 650nm to 1050nm, the Osram SFH4735 LED serves as a light source for broadband infrared spectroscopy applications like food…

2016-12-12 - Julien Happich

48mp image sensor supports 4k resolution

CMOSIS’s CMV50000 image sensor offers low noise, high frame rate at 48mp for optical inspection systems and machine vision.