2020-05-12 - Arrow Electronics

Evaluation Kit Jump-Starts Smart Horticulture

Ready to use smart horticultural solution has sensor nodes, an IoT gateway, cloud access and mobile applications...

2020-05-11 - SCHURTER

New rewireable IEC appliance inlet with V-Lock

The IEC appliance inlet 4783 from SCHURTER combines a reconnectable C13 appliance inlet with the proven V-Lock cord retention system...

- STMicroelectronics

Integrated Universal Car-Lock Controller Boosts Safety

ST L99UDL01 automotive universal door-lock IC integrates 6 MOSFET half-bridge outputs and 2 half-bridge gate drivers with protection and diagnostic functions that enhance safety, simplify design, and save space...

2020-05-05 - Renesas Electronics

JEDEC-Compliant Precision Temperature Sensor for DDR5 Memory Modules

New IC joins a complete family of DDR5 DIMM solutions that include the registered clock driver, power management IC and SPD hub...

2020-05-04 - STMicroelectronics

STM32Cube Embedded Software Now on GitHub

STMicroelectronics is now publishing STM32Cube embedded software on GitHub, to open the STM32 embedded software offer to collaborative and community-friendly development...

2020-04-28 - XING Mobility

New Modular Battery Pack for EV

Electric battery and powertrain technology provider XING Mobility has designed and delivered their most modular electric vehicle (EV) battery pack. In a new motion graphic released recently, the company illustrates the incredibly effective thermal control capabilities of their patented Immersion Cooling technology, IMMERSIO, and reveals how the unique cooling method achieves a greater degree of […]

- STMicroelectronics

Automotive-grade common-mode filter integrates ESD suppression

STMicroelectronics integrates common-mode filter (cmf) and ESD suppression in new automotive-protection devices...

2020-04-27 - Infineon Technologies

Infineon delivers millions of chips for medical ventilators

Infineon Technologies is playing a vital role to support the manufacturing of ventilator devices...

- Brinc

Brinc and Artesian partner to launch Clean Energy Accelerator Program in Australia

Brinc is partnering with Artesian to invest in the next generation of Australian Clean Energy startups who are building technology solutions to address Australia’s pressing energy efficiency, optimisation, and emission challenges for industrial applications.

2020-04-22 - Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

Next-Gen SIMO PMIC Extends Battery Life by 20% for Wearables & Hearables

Breakthrough SIMO technology replaces traditional power management architectures, reducing BOM count by up to 40 percent for compact consumer devices...

- Gas Sensing Solutions

New High-Speed CO2 Sensor for Real-Time Measurements

SprintIR-R CO2 sensor has 50Hz measurement rate

2020-04-21 - Neousys Technology

Industrial-grade IoT Gateways with Built-in Analog Input Channels

Neousys Technology announced its IGT-30 industrial-grade ARM-based IoT gateways series, featuring with built-in analog input channels...