2017-07-04 - Gary Hilson

Embedded MRAM moves into 22nm node

eMRAM has the ability to retain data through solder reflow at 260°C, and for more than 10 years at 125°C,…

2017-03-13 - Dylan McGrath

nvNITRO operates at 1.5M IOPS with 6μs latency

Initial applications for nvNITRO accelerators include “anywhere you need very fast write speeds coupled with very low latency,” according to…

- Dylan McGrath

Everspin’s nvNITRO targets evolving MRAM market

Initial nvNITRO accelerators will be available in capacities of a 1GB and 2GB, based on Everspin’s 256Mb DDR3 ST-MRAM.

2017-02-28 - Toshiba

Flash memory adopts 3b-per-cell TLC tech

Toshiba’s 64-layer device with 3b-per-cell TLC BiCS Flash Device bundles 1TB 3D flash memory capacity and performance.

2016-09-05 - Peter Clarke

WD picks 3D-stacked ReRAM for storage class memory

Western Digital plans to release storage-class memory products based on 3D ReRAM within a couple of years.

2016-08-11 - Marvell

DRAM-less SSD controller delivers up to 1600MB/s read speeds

The 88NV1160 can be used in a single ball grid array package SSD, as well as in a standalone controller…

2016-08-10 - Toshiba

Analytic platform addresses big data requirements

With NAND flash memory arranged in a matrix, Flashmatrix enables multiple data sets to be accessed in parallel and scaled…

2016-08-08 - Toshiba

512GB SSD comes in a size of SIM card

New single-package ball grid array SSDs can accommodate up to 512GB in 16mm × 20mm NVMe SSD form factor.