2020-10-15 - Strategy Analytics

Samsung Widens its Lead in the Smartphone DRAM & NAND Market in 1H20

High-density chips drive market revenue...

2020-10-07 - Gary Hilson

5G Network Infrastructure to Drive Memory Diversity

Networking infrastructure will require new and established technologies, as smartphones advance. 5G memory demand is likely to be similar to…

2020-09-30 - Gary Hilson

Will Emerging Memories Ever See the Light of Day?

Healthy markets are possible for emerging memories without trying to supplant DRAM or NAND flash...

2020-09-03 - Gary Hilson

SiOx ReRAMs Promise to Accelerate AI Self-Learning

Researchers at Politecnico Milan used Weebit ReRAM provide inference hardware with brain-like plasticity...

2020-08-27 - Ray Hsieh

DRAM Module Revenue Decreases by 3% YoY in 2019

DRAM module revenue decreases by 3% YoY in 2019, with varying performances by top 10 module makers, says TrendForce

2020-08-19 - TrendForce

Global DRAM Revenue Rises by 15.4% in 2Q20

DRAM revenue rises by 15.4% in 2Q20, with possible decline in prices expected for 3Q20, says TrendForce...

2020-08-17 - Gary Hilson 

New NVM Architecture Paves the Way for Expanding 3D Xpoint Market

A new 3D vertical NVM memory architecture will allow customers to design chips for high density, high performance computing applications…

2020-05-15 - Jeongdong Choe

Teardown: A Look at IBM Power9’s Micro-Architecture

A teardown of IBM's Power9 14HP DTC SOI FinFET eDRAM shows several significant technological changes from the company's preceding Power8.

2017-11-23 - Alan Patterson, EE Times

Samsung Likely to Unseat Intel as Top Chip Vendor

Samsung, which has nearly half of the global DRAM market, is likely to crush smaller rivals after more than doubling…

2017-10-04 - Dylan McGrath, EE Times

NAND Market Expected to Regain Balance in 2018

The NAND flash market is expected to move into better equilibrium in 2018 as the production of NAND ramps up…