2021-09-06 - TrendForce

DRAM Module Revenue Up 5% YoY in 2020

Global DRAM module revenue increased by about 5% year-on-year to $16.9 billion for 2020, according to TrendForce.

2021-08-31 - Gary Hilson

Emerging Memories Look to Displace NOR, SRAM

Emerging memories are projected to be a $44 billion market by 2031, likely displacing NOR flash, SRAM, and DRAM.

2021-08-30 - Wilson Huang

Another NAND Flash for Automotive, OTA, AI, and More

The challenge is adding that memory density without increasing the cost of the device or system too much.

2021-08-26 - Gary Hilson

Samsung Expands PIM Ambitions

Samsung will bring HBM-PIM memory technology to more use cases, including power-hungry artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

2021-07-29 - JEDEC

JEDEC Updates Standards for Low Power Memory Devices for 5G, AI Applications

LPDDR5 and LPDDR5X will significantly boost memory speed and efficiency for a variety of uses including mobile devices and AI…

2021-07-26 - Gary Hilson

NAND Still Dictates the Future of Memory Controllers

There appears to be little need yet for storage class memory controllers that have simpler requirements.

2021-07-19 - Gary Hilson

CXL Product Pipeline Gets Flowing

The Compute Express Link (CXL) interconnect standard is poised to gain a lot of traction, especially as 2022 rolls around.

2021-07-16 - SK hynix Inc.

SK hynix Commences Mass Production of 1anm DRAM

SK hynix has started mass production of 1anm DRAM using EUV equipment.

2021-07-15 - TrendForce

TrendForce: NAND Flash Contract Prices to Increase 5-10% QoQ in Q3

TrendForce forecasts that contract prices of NAND Flash products will rise marginally for 3Q21, with QoQ increases in the range…

2021-07-12 - Gary Hilson

Multitasking, Sensors Drive Smartphone Memory Requirements

5G is driving a great deal of the memory requirements in smartphones and advances in processors have been a big…

2021-07-07 - Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Ltd

Fujitsu Starts Mass-production of Automotive-Grade 4Mbit FRAM

Fujitsu Semiconductor has started mass-production of 4Mbit FRAM devices suitable for automotive and industrial robot applications.

2021-07-06 - Counterpoint Technology Market Research

Mobile Demand Fuels DRAM Revenue Growth to $19B in Q1 2021

Global DRAM revenues rose to $19 billion in the first quarter of 2021, increasing by a solid 30% YoY and…