2019-01-15 - imec

Disposable Health Patch to Measure Vitals

The smart wearable health patch could be used to measure essential vital signs - heart rate, breathing rate and blood…

2017-06-23 - GlobalFoundries

On Semiconductor uses 55LPx, RF-enabled process for SoC

On Semiconductor's RSL10 multi-protocol Bluetooth 5 radio SoC will utilise GlobalFoundries' 55LPx eFlash platform, targeting health and wellness applications.

2017-05-24 - TE Connectivity

RFI filter meets IEC 60601-1 standard

The Corcom filter IH series is designed to help reduce EMI in the 150KHz to 300MHz frequency range required by…

2017-02-27 - On Semiconductor

Radio SoC targets apps using 1.2, 1.5V batteries

The RSL10 provides a voltage supply range between 1.1 and 3.6V without an external DC/DC converter, according to On Semiconductor.

2017-01-02 - Pierre Sennequier

Op-amps amplify electrochemical sensors’ signal

Electrochemical sensors require specific op-amps to drive them and to amplify the signal (current) they generate.

2016-12-07 - None

Isolated μModule transceiver serves up protection

The LTM2885 micromodule transceiver protects from ground-to-ground differentials with 6.5kV reinforced isolation and clearance distances.

2016-11-14 - Weltrend Semiconductor

Weltrend snags design win for heart rate monitoring

The reference design combines Weltrend Semiconductor's WTHRM122 HRM MCU with New Japan Radio's optical sensor and ROHM's KXTJ2-1009 accelerometer.

2016-07-14 - On Semiconductor

8MP image sensor improves near-infrared sensitivity

The enhanced sensitivity can be critical in applications such as scientific and medical imaging, machine vision or intelligent transportation systems.

2016-07-08 - Neil Oliver

Peek into the future of wearable medical electronics

With the right power management, design and production controls and when used under the guidance and on the recommendation of…

2016-06-08 - AVX

Medical Selector Guide speeds up device development

AVX has unveiled an interactive Medical Selector Guide that contains industry-specific summary information about its line-up of electronic components for…