2022-03-21 - TrendForce

Preliminary Assessment Suggests IC Production Currently Unaffected Amid Strong Quake in Northeastern Japan

Most of northeastern Japan is a production center for global upstream semiconductor raw materials.

2022-03-03 - Nova

Nova Expands Presence in China with New Office in Shanghai

The new facility is part of Nova's strategy to strengthen its global sites to tighten customers' partnerships and support the…

2021-06-22 - John Tingay

Charting Graphene’s Progress

This article looks at what graphene's implications could be, both in the short term and much further ahead, in the…

2021-06-21 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Diamond Quantum Technology for Medical Imaging

Element Six grows specialized diamond films that are finding applications in quantum processing to masers, and GPS-denied navigation to medical…

2021-06-17 - James J. Coleman

Strained Semiconductor Layers Shift the Paradigm

A look at semiconductor layers, multiple epitaxial layers of different materials, lattice-matched layers, solid layers, and best practices for semiconductor…

2021-04-05 - Meridian Adhesives Group

Meridian Acquires PAS

Meridian Adhesives Group has acquired Malaysia-based Pacific Adhesive Systems, a provider of high-performance adhesive and coating solutions to the electronics,…