2016-11-30 - AVX Corp.

AVX moves to fight mineral smuggling

AVX has joined the Solutions for Hope project in finding due diligence options against illegal mining and smuggling of minerals…

2016-11-17 - Rick Merritt

Veterans optimistic of chip scaling at SIA event

Industry veterans discussed at annual SIA dinner what a breakthrough lithography system will do for the chip industry in the…

2016-10-07 - MagnaChip Semiconductor

Slim Flash process cuts down embedded layers by 20%

MagnaChip plans to merge Slim Flash into various technologies, including BCD and high voltage.

2016-09-28 - Graham Prophet

Substrate-like PCB shrinks conductor trackwidths to 15µm

The AT&S Toolbox uses technologies such as insulated metallic substrate, flexible PCBs, interposers and chip embedding to deliver substrate-like printed…

2016-09-13 - KnowMade

Microbattery players corner key IP

Top patent holders could potentially block IP development for the booming microbattery market.

2016-09-11 - Peter Clarke

Globalfoundries rolls out 12nm FDSOI process

The company has announced a next-generation FDSOI process to follow on from the 22FDX process that is nearing production.

2016-09-06 - Rich Quinnell

Consider using robots for mundane supply chain tasks

Systems handling SAP and MRP need overarching management by human operators, but most of these manual operations can also be…

2016-08-07 - Alan Patterson

MediaTek struggles amidst rising chip demand

Chip maker MediaTek says it has underestimated the supply of chips it would need from its foundry partners.

2016-07-20 - Rick Merritt

SoftBank establishes firm foothold in ARM chip tech

Where should ARM place its next 1,500 engineers—and what could the merger mean for the semiconductor industry?

2016-07-19 - Peter Clarke

Japan Semi ramps up IC production

Japan Semi's Iwate and Oita operations are focusing on IC production, aiming 30% of its revenue to come from foundry…

2016-07-07 - R. Colin Johnson

Can a 3D printer co-robot make ‘mass customisation’ easier?

The co-robot revolution comes along just in time for Tend.ai's purposes, since co-robots can now work alongside humans without the…

2016-06-28 - Faisal Goriawalla

Zero-mask-adder NVM more economical than flash?

Despite several emerging NVM technologies, embedded flash remains the technology of choice for applications that require a few hundred to…