2017-02-14 - GlobalFoundries

GlobalFoundries builds 12-in wafer fab in China

The company plans to establish a 300mm fab in Chengdu.

2017-01-25 - Pablo Valerio

Despite Trump’s call, Foxconn pursues China LCD fab

Foxconn plans to build a $8.8 billion factory in Guangzhou, China, which the company regards as “investment treasure land.”

2017-01-17 - Peter Clarke

AMS withdraws from $2 billion wafer fab project

Delays may have caused AMS to lose confidence in the project or it feels it couldn’t meet timing requirements in…

- Peter Clarke

Crossbar ReRAM chases terabyte non-volatile memory

The ReRAM is showing advantages over flash memory, including read latencies of 20 nanoseconds and write latencies of 12 nanoseconds.

2016-12-22 - JNC

JNC begins mass producing ES Fiber in Thailand

ES Fiber is a thermoplastic bicomponent fibre which can be heated and bonded to each other without using adhesives.

2016-11-30 - AVX Corp.

AVX moves to fight mineral smuggling

AVX has joined the Solutions for Hope project in finding due diligence options against illegal mining and smuggling of minerals…

2016-11-17 - Rick Merritt

Veterans optimistic of chip scaling at SIA event

Industry veterans discussed at annual SIA dinner what a breakthrough lithography system will do for the chip industry in the…

2016-10-07 - MagnaChip Semiconductor

Slim Flash process cuts down embedded layers by 20%

MagnaChip plans to merge Slim Flash into various technologies, including BCD and high voltage.

2016-09-28 - Graham Prophet

Substrate-like PCB shrinks conductor trackwidths to 15µm

The AT&S Toolbox uses technologies such as insulated metallic substrate, flexible PCBs, interposers and chip embedding to deliver substrate-like printed…

2016-09-13 - KnowMade

Microbattery players corner key IP

Top patent holders could potentially block IP development for the booming microbattery market.

2016-09-11 - Peter Clarke

Globalfoundries rolls out 12nm FDSOI process

The company has announced a next-generation FDSOI process to follow on from the 22FDX process that is nearing production.

2016-09-06 - Rich Quinnell

Consider using robots for mundane supply chain tasks

Systems handling SAP and MRP need overarching management by human operators, but most of these manual operations can also be…