2020-08-14 - IC Insights

HiSilicon’s Time in the Top-10 Ranking May be Short Lived

Top-10 semiconductor suppliers logged strong 17% jump in 1H20/1H19 sales...

- George Leopold and Junko Yoshida

U.S. CHIPS Act Takes Center Stage in Post-Globalized Industry

To manufacture highly integrated circuits in the United States is no longer just a nice-if-we-can idea. It is building momentum.

2020-08-06 - Daniel Browning

US-China Trade War Reshapes Global Electronics Supply Chain

While the shifting political landscape and subsequent tension between America and China is no secret, the ripple effect is harder…

2020-08-05 - TrendForce

BOE Takes Lead as Chinese Panel Manufacturers Aggressively Expand in Monitor Market in 1H20

Chinese panel manufacturers stepped up their efforts to capture shares in the monitor panel market as BOE and CSOT’s shipment…

- Anton Shilov

Selective Tungsten Process Fights Resistance

Chipmakers now have a new manufacturing technology for more precise tungsten contact vias, which lead to performance, power, and area…

- George Leopold

Chip Gear is Selling Like Hotcakes

The chip equipment sector is for now exhibiting remarkable resilience despite geopolitical concerns over an escalating U.S.-China tech cold war and a…

2020-08-04 - Vineet Ganju

HMI Bringing AI at the Edge to Smart Home

Enhancements in how machines can utilize voice, video and visual data promise to revolutionize how humans interact with machines...

2020-08-03 - Junko Yoshida

US-China Cold War: How Did We Even Get Here?

The history of U.S.-China relations has been laced with a series of often gratuitous tit-for-tat trade sanctions. How did we…

2020-07-30 - Bolaji Ojo

It’s Time for Intel to Double Down on Foundry Business

Intel Corp. dropped the ball. It should today be the world’s biggest semiconductor foundry; not TSMC. This can still change…

2020-07-29 - George Leopold

How the US-China Tech Cold War Is Deepening

Semiconductors are the chokepoint in the coming U.S.-China Technology Cold War, a conflict that’s guaranteed to have unforeseen consequences...