2021-04-01 - Plexus

Plexus Expands Presence in Asia with New Manufacturing Facility in Thailand

EMS firm Plexus is expanding its presence in Asia by building a new manufacturing facility in Bangkok, Thailand.

2021-03-24 - Nitin Dahad

Infineon and NXP Resume Production at Austin Fabs After Winter Storms

Austin fabs are in the process of recovering and restarting, but lost production will impact revenues.

2021-03-23 - Nitin Dahad

Europe Aiming for Manufacturing Capacities for 2nm

The European Commission recently presented its 'Digital Compass', which stated the intent to have manufacturing capacities below 5nm nodes and aiming at…

2021-03-17 - SEMI

Global Fab Equipment Spending On Track to Three Straight Years of Record Highs

The global semiconductor industry is on track to register a rare three consecutive years of record highs in fab equipment…

2021-03-11 - Alan Patterson

China Likely to Maintain Control of Rare Earth Supply for Decades

It takes a decade to establish a new mine, so there are few, if any, short-term options to the status…

2021-03-02 - Don Scansen

ISSCC: Roadmap on 3D Interconnect Density

The common theme coming out of the chiplet forum at ISSCC was the need for a 3D interconnect density roadmap.

2021-02-22 - TrendForce

Blackouts Affects Samsung’s Texas-Based Line S2 Fab

Blackouts affecting Samsung’s Texas-based Line S2 Fab expected to impair 1-2% of global 12-inch wafer foundry capacity, says TrendForce…

- Alan Patterson

Chipmakers Halt Production in Texas Amid Power Failure

Samsung, NXP and Infineon have stopped operations at chip fabs in Texas after a surprise cold wave caused power outages…

2021-02-19 - Don Scansen

ISSCC 2021: A Bright Foundry Future

At ISSCC, TSMC said it is getting high volume throughput with its EUV system on 5nm production, with a path…

2021-02-18 - Alan Patterson

TSMC Will Raise to Expand Capacity Amid Chip Shortages

TSMC said that it plans two sales of bonds that would raise about $9 billion to expand production, possibly helping…