2020-04-09 - Woz Ahmed

32/64-bit Embedded CPUs: The Third Era Begins

From proprietary to open source architectures, the embedded CPU and its associated business models have evolved — and so has…

2020-02-18 - Brian Santo

Huawei Claim ‘Political Persecution’

Huawei implies that if it is guilty as charged, then the DoJ ought to be targeting Apple and Samsung.

2020-02-17 - Brian Santo

The US Hits Huawei With Racketeering Charge

The U.S. Department of Justice revised its indictment of Huawei, accusing it of stealing technology under RICO statutes.

2019-10-18 - Kevin Krewell

Arm Opens Instruction Set Architecture

After decades, Arm has finally decided to allow licensees to build their own custom instructions, which are often useful to…

2019-10-04 - Amy Guan

Arm Reaffirm Their Relationship with Huawei

After their meeting, execs from Huawei, Arm, and Arm China staged a photo op designed to reassure that business among…

2019-09-19 - Junko Yoshida

Ceva Reveal New AI Processor Architecture

Ceva rolled out the second-generation AI processor architecture scalable from 2 to 100 TOPS and CDNN-Invite API, an interface that…

2019-04-05 - Fred Molinari

Blog: Will it Ever End?

Qualcomm may have won the latest round, but the fight is far from over. You'll need a lot more popcorn…

2019-03-20 - Dylan McGrath

Qualcomm Defeats Apple in U.S. Federal Court

A U.S. federal court found that several iPhone models infringe on patents held by Qualcomm, a major setback for Apple…

2018-02-06 - Alan Patterson

eMemory Bets on Unique Encryption Tech

Sees numerous applications for its PUF technology.