2022-03-16 - Gary Hilson

PCIe 6.0 Designed to Meet Automotive, AI Bandwidth Demands

By changing where PCIe interconnects are used, companies can optimize PCIe 6.0 controllers to meet the bandwidth demands of data-intensive…

2021-02-26 - Junko Yoshida

Building Interoperability APIs to Link Sensors and Vehicle Apps

Without consistent interoperability APIs, automakers cannot deploy sensor assembly from multiple vendors. It also stymies development of a well-designed system…

2021-02-25 - John Walko

Critical Year Ahead for Haptics as New Technologies Mature

Haptic feedback is likely to be increasingly used in AR/VR, military gear, high-end industrial equipment, and advanced surgical robotic assistants...

2021-02-01 - SCHURTER

Rewireable IEC connectors for custom cabling and multiphase distinction

SCHURTER expands its portfolio of highly successful rewireable IEC cord connectors, series 4782 (C13, 70 °C) and 4781 (C15, 120…

2021-01-08 - Gary Hilson

UFS Spec Updates to Meet Demand for Edge IoT, Automotive

The latest Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Card Extension Standard boosts performance while reducing power consumption...

2020-12-21 - SCHURTER

CFO: powerful fuseholder

SCHURTER expands its portfolio of fuseholders with the CFO fuse clip series designed for fuses with 10.3 mm diameter...

2020-11-12 - Junko Yoshida

Hyundai Embraces Nvidia for Future Fleet AI, IVI Services

Hyundai Motor Group will use Nvidia’s DRIVE platform for every Hyundai, Kia and Genesis model’s in-vehicle infotainment systems...

- Nitin Dahad

CEA-Leti, Intel Expand Collaboration on 3D Packaging

3D packaging research will focus on assembly of smaller chiplets, optimizing interconnection technologies between the different elements of microprocessors, and…

2020-11-04 - Gary Hilson

How AI Impacts Memory & Interconnect Technology

When it comes AI and machine learning applications, it's increasingly important where data and memory need to reside....

2020-11-02 - Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

IO-Link Communications Technology Reduces Factory Downtime

Intelligence at the edge simplifies equipment reconfiguration and commissioning of sensors

2020-10-14 - Cameron Brett, Jeremiah Tussey

SAS Won’t Cede Its Place Any Time Soon

SAS is said to be dying, but it still represents the biggest chunk of the market, and is going to…

2020-09-29 - Gary Hilson

Is 2020 the Year NVMe-oF Finally Takes Off?

Is 2020 the year NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) finally takes off?