2016-08-05 - Franklin Zhao

China’s IC industry: A global threat?

International forums have concluded that China's IC industry is becoming a threat to the world. Prof. Wei Shaojun makes the case why that's not true.

2016-08-03 - Nanyang Technological University

Singapore opens centre to test self-driving cars

Cetran will spearhead the development of testing requirements for SDVs, as there is no existing international standard.

2016-07-20 - Alan Patterson

TSMC punts on extreme ultraviolet at 5nm

The company has been using 7nm as a development vehicle for EUV, achieving what it called good integration of EUV scanners, masks and photoresist.

2016-07-06 - A*Star

Consortium advances solutions for high-volume chip packaging

The Chip-on-Wafer (CoW) Consortium II will build on the success of the first CoW consortium to further reduce production time and costs for 3D and 2.5D packaging.

- None

Thailand’s AIT to create technology, knowledge hub

AIT and the National Science and Technology Development Agency have signed a landmark agreement to cooperate in the field of research and education.

- None

Samsung to pump $850M for Vietnam expansion

The construction arm of South Korean conglomerate Samsung Group has secured a $805 million deal to build a display module assembly plant in Vietnam.

2016-07-04 -

Force to reckon with: Vietnam’s start-ups yield int’l feats

Tech start-ups are riding the growing movement with foreign private investors betting on Vietnam's young brains to come up with more successes.

2016-06-28 - None

Semicon output boosts Singapore’s manufacturing sector

The electronics sector took a hit in May, but that was offset by increases in the semiconductor and other electronic modules and components segment.

2016-06-21 - EE Times

Beijing bars iPhone 6, says it’s too similar to local phone

China’s enormous domestic market is considered a key for Apple, but the tech giant's iPhone faces stiff competition from Chinese domestic brands.

2016-06-13 - None

Vietnam promises support to realise ‘start-up nation’ dream

Vietnam also plans to launch an online portal—one that will provide start-ups with information on different issues—and support centres to give businesses access to working space and internet for minimal fees.

- Toni Urrutia

IBM opens Watson Centre in Singapore to scale AI, blockchain apps

The three new facilities are located at the heart of Singapore's financial district, aiming to drive develpoment and commercialisation of AI and emerging blockchain technologies.

2016-05-24 - ZTE, Tencent

ZTE, Tencent build energy-efficient modular data centre

The Tencent West Lab features multiple technological breakthroughs, most notably an overall power usage effectiveness (PUE) level of 1.0665 (including photovoltaic gains).