2017-06-15 - Steve Taranovich

MTP, vehicle safety and autonomous cars

Intel has opened an autonomous driving lab in Silicon Valley, which is expected to generate 4TB of data every 90 minutes.

2017-03-13 - Hitex

Universal generic platform speeds up FPGA prototyping

The Generic Tanto 3 allows user modification for rapid prototyping, integration of interfaces and for complex, yet efficient chip designs.

2016-10-20 - Xilinx

Baidu takes FPGA approach to boost machine learning apps

Xilinx FPGAs deliver a 10-20X performance/watt improvement.

2016-10-17 - Peter Clarke

Achronix ventures into FPGA fabric licensing

The company's Speedcore is designed in a modular fashion to support compilation and porting of the technology to different manufacturing processes and metal stacks.

2016-09-01 - Peter Clarke

Start-up builds FPGA cores on TSMC’s 40ULP process

Flex Logix is offering logic and DSP variants of its fabric on TSMC 40ULP that are specified for operation at both 1.1V and 0.9V.