2022-05-13 - QuickLogic Corp.

QuickLogic and Intrinsic ID Partner on eFPGA Security Solutions

QuickLogic has partnered with Intrinsic ID to provide security options for devices incorporating embedded FPGA (eFPGA) technology.

2022-04-18 - QuickLogic Corp.

QuickLogic Adds GlobalFoundries 22FDX Process to List of Australis IP Generator-Based eFPGA IP

QuickLogic has announced the availability of its first customer-defined eFPGA block targeting the GlobalFoundries 22FDX process, generated via its Australis…

2022-03-02 - Geoff Tate

eFPGA LUTs Will Outship FPGA LUTs Later This Decade

FPGA used to be a "poor man's ASIC," but today FPGA technology is strategically important for cloud data centers and…

2022-02-11 - Stefani Munoz

Looking to Close Xilinx Deal, AMD Reports Record Q4 Earnings

AMD reported record quarterly earnings, but analysts worry persistent supply chain disruptions and other headwinds will undermine the chipmaker's upbeat…

2022-01-12 - Lattice Semiconductor Corp.

Lattice FPGAs Power Next-Gen Lenovo Edge/AI Experiences

Lattice's CrossLink-NX FPGAs and AI-optimized software solutions are powering Lenovo's latest ThinkPad X1 portfolio.

2021-12-15 - Steve Leibson

FPGA Development Opens Up

The Open Source FPGA Foundation sets ambitious goals for 2022, including design training and prototype devices.

2021-11-12 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Lattice Saves PC Power Using Edge AI

Implementing edge AI-enabled power saving features can extend laptop battery life by as much as 28 percent.

2021-10-28 - Troy Jones, Xilinx

Resilience in Space: Designing Radiation-Tolerant Systems

Responding to our coverage of Xilinx's expansion of its adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP) family, a reader suggested a deeper…

2021-09-28 - NEC Corp.

Xilinx and NEC Accelerate Next-gen 5G Radio Units for Global Deployment

Xilinx and NEC are collaborating on next-generation 5G radio units (RUs) expected to be available for global deployment in 2022.

2021-09-09 - Efinix

Efinix Extends Product Lines to Automotive Market

With several members of Efinix's Trion FPGAs now AEC-Q100 qualified, the company is extending both its Trion and Titanium devices…

2021-08-26 - George Leopold

Lattice Semi Tunes its FPGA for Auto Apps

The chipmaker's early investment in edge processing hastened its foray into the auto sector with a new version of its…

2021-08-24 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Mid-range FPGAs Tout Low Power Consumption for Edge Compute Systems

Microchip's new low-density PolarFire devices consume half the static power of alternatives while providing the smallest thermal footprint.