2021-09-09 - Efinix

Efinix Extends Product Lines to Automotive Market

With several members of Efinix's Trion FPGAs now AEC-Q100 qualified, the company is extending both its Trion and Titanium devices…

2021-08-26 - George Leopold

Lattice Semi Tunes its FPGA for Auto Apps

The chipmaker's early investment in edge processing hastened its foray into the auto sector with a new version of its…

2021-08-24 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Mid-range FPGAs Tout Low Power Consumption for Edge Compute Systems

Microchip's new low-density PolarFire devices consume half the static power of alternatives while providing the smallest thermal footprint.

2021-08-12 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip FPGAs Reach the Next Power and Performance Milestone for Edge Compute Systems

Microchip's low-density PolarFire devices consume half the static power of alternatives while providing world's smallest thermal footprint.

2021-07-14 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip First to Achieve JEDEC Qualification for RT FPGA in Plastic Package

Microchip's radiation-tolerant FPGA offers the low cost of a JEDEC-qualified plastic package plus the proven reliability of RTG4 FPGA technology.

2021-06-18 - Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Acquires PRO DESIGN’s proFPGA Business

Siemens has signed an agreement with Germany-based PRO DESIGN to acquire its proFPGA product family of FPGA desktop prototyping technologies.

2021-06-16 - Xilinx Inc.

Xilinx Broadens Developer Base with Silexica Acquisition

The acquisition will accelerate Xilinx's ability to attract a wider range of developers seeking to leverage its heterogeneous computing architectures.

2021-06-04 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Boosts Security of FPGA-based Designs

Microchip is strengthening the protection for FPGA-based designs with first tool that combats major industry threat to system security in…

2021-05-11 - International Data Corp.

Semiconductor Market Forecast to Reach $522B in 2021

IDC forecasts the semiconductor market will grow by 12.5% year-on-year to $522 billion in 2021, driven by continued robust growth…

2021-04-13 - Open Source FPGA Foundation

Shrikant Lohokare Appointed CEO of Open Source FPGA Foundation

Dr. Shrikant Lohokare has been appointed as CEO of Open Source FPGA Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on accelerating worldwide…

2021-03-11 - Kevin Krewell

Xilinx Democratizes Software Development for FPGAs by Opening Up Vitis HLS Tool

Xilinx has open-sourced the Vitis HLS front-end, which should go a long way to help democratize software development for FPGAs.

2021-01-26 - Nitin Dahad

AI Startup AlphaICs Targets Edge Learning

Startup AlphaICs to tape out 8 TOPS edge learning chip next month...