2021-10-07 - Alan Patterson

Moore’s Law Could Ride EUV for 10 More Years

ASML believes that advances in EUV technology could keep the industry on a trajectory of denser integration for perhaps another…

2021-09-15 - SEMI

Global Fab Equipment Spending Forecast to Reach $100B in 2022

Global semiconductor equipment investments for front end fabs in 2022 are expected to reach nearly $100 billion, according to SEMI.

2021-09-10 - Applied Materials Inc.

Applied Materials Accelerate SiC Transition to 200mm

Applied's new technologies are helping silicon carbide chipmakers transition from 150mm wafer production to 200mm production.

2021-07-20 - George Leopold

EDA, IC Manufacturing Gear Sales Hit Records

Record growth is forecast to extend into 2022.

2021-07-14 - SEMI

Semiconductor Equipment Market Forecast to Hit Record $100B in 2022

Global sales of IC manufacturing equipment are forecast to surpass $100 billion next year, after jumping 34% to $95.3 billion…

2021-06-03 - SEMI

Global Semiconductor Equipment Billings Up 51% YoY in Q1

Global semiconductor equipment billings reached $23.6 billion in the first quarter of 2021, up by 51% year-over-year and 21% from…

2021-05-12 - Applied Materials Inc.

Applied Materials Accelerates DRAM Capacitor Scaling

Applied Materials Inc. has launched materials engineering solutions that give its memory customers three new ways to further scale DRAM…

2021-04-28 - Gary Hilson

Growing Demand for Etching, Printing Innovations

As etching and RF technology become more complex, there's a need for more data and better control of it. Lam…