2022-11-17 - Stefani Munoz

electronica 2022 Roundup, Day One

A fireside chat with AspenCore staff to discuss day one at electronica 2022.

2022-10-07 - Axiomtek

Axiomtek Fanless Embedded System Features Flexible Expansion Options

Axiomtek's eBOX710A is a highly-scalable fanless embedded system powered by the high-performance 11th/10th generation Intel Core i9/i7/i5/i3 or Celeron processor.

2022-10-05 - Clientron

Clientron Thin Client Empowers Your Workplace Everywhere

Clientron's TC238-JL features Intel Jasper Lake Quad-Core processor with a 5-million-pixel webcam and dual microphones to improve the quality of video conference calls in the VDI work environments.

2022-09-22 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas Launches RISC-V-based Motor Control ASSP Solution

Renesas has expanded its RISC-V embedded processing portfolio with the release of an MCU optimized for advanced motor control systems.

2022-09-21 - Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse and Infineon Partner on Machine Learning Software Support for PSoC 6 MCUs

The partnership expands Infineon's ModusToolbox software ecosystem to Edge Impulse's studio environment, allowing for easy configuration of the PSoC 6 MCUs for edge ML applications.

2022-08-25 - Neil Trevett

Open-standard Acceleration APIs for Safety-critical Graphics, Vision, and Compute

The need to deploy accelerated processing, combined with the complexities of safety-critical certification, has created a confusing landscape of processors, accelerators, compilers, APIs, and libraries.

2022-08-22 - Ann R. Thryft

Despite Attacks, Software Supply Chain Remains Insecure

Software security is said to no longer be only about securing applications. Now, it also involves securing what's used to build those applications.

2022-08-12 - Clientron

Improve Checkout Efficiency with Adjustable POS Scanners

Clientron recently introduced a POS system with an innovative adjustable barcode scanner for scanning barcodes from multiple orientations.

2022-07-08 - ASRock Industrial

ASRock NUC 1200 BOX/iBOX 1200 Series Powered by 12th Gen Intel Core for Leading-edge AI BOX Applications

ASRock's NUC 1200 BOX /iBOX 1200 Series is enabled by 12th Generation Intel Core Processors for AI accelerations across industries.

2022-06-22 - Nitin Dahad

Moving Intelligence from Cloud to Edge

As the industry converges again on embedded world 2022 in Nuremberg for the first time in two years, one key theme is the increasing intelligence being moved from cloud to edge but with a continuum of compute between them.

2022-06-21 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics and Sensory Collaborate to Enable Mass-market Adoption of Embedded Voice Control

STMicroelectronics and Sensory are collaborating to enable the STM32 MCU user community to develop and prototype intuitive voice-based user interfaces for a wide range of smart embedded products.

2022-06-20 - Michael Parks, Green Shoe Garage

Zerynth: A Python Framework for IoT Devices

Frameworks empower developers to build the highest quality embedded systems by eliminating the grunt work, providing proven source code libraries for repetitive tasks, and freeing resources to focus on client-facing functionality.