2021-08-19 - Thanh-Hai Phung, Wise-Integration

WiseGan 650V GaN E-HEMT Half Bridge Evaluation Board

Wise-Integration's WiseGan ZVS evaluation board allows to evaluate its WI62100 EHEMTs with the Si8274GB4D-IS1 gate driver in a half-bridge configuration.

2021-08-17 - Nitin Dahad

Facebook Open Sources Time Appliance For Data Center Networks

Open source time appliance overcomes limitations of existing solutions for network synchronization infrastructure, and is a tenth of the cost.

2021-07-23 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Launches NVMe and 24G SAS Tri-mode RAID, HBA Storage Adapters

Microchip's Adaptec Smart Storage adapters provide increased performance, security, and scalability while simplifying storage management.

2021-07-22 - Maxim Integrated Products Inc.

Maxim Integrated Camera Cube Reference Design Enables AI at the Edge

The MAXREFDES178# camera cube executes low latency AI vision and hearing inferences on a coin cell power budget with reduced…

2021-07-21 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip Accelerates Development of Automotive and Consumer Qi Transmitter

Microchip's Qi 1.3 reference design includes everything needed to quickly develop a Qi 1.3 certified transmitter

2021-07-13 - ASRock Industrial Computer

ASRock Releases Latest Intel-powered Motherboard Series

ASRock has launched new Mini PCs and motherboards powered by Intel Atom x6000E, Pentium, and Celeron N and J Series…

2021-07-09 - Winbond Electronics Corp.

Winbond and Renesas Accelerate Construction of Embedded AI Systems

Winbond has confirmed that its HyperRAM and SpiStack (NOR+NAND) can be operated with Renesas' RZ/A2M Arm-based MPUs.

2021-07-05 - SensiML Corp.

SensiML and Microchip Technology Partner on Smart Edge IoT Applications

SensiML has partnered with Microchip Technology to simplify the development of AI code for smart industrial, consumer, and IoT applications.

2021-06-29 - Stephen Las Marias

ST Discusses Managing the Current Chip Shortage for Automotive Manufacturers

ST CEO Jean-Marc Chery talks about how visibility can help manage the current chip shortage and minimize its impact to…

2021-06-23 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Quadric Accelerator Takes On AI, Computer Vision

Quadric has optimized its architecture for both AI and standard computer vision algorithms aimed at edge applications.

2021-06-02 - GlobalData

Majority of Top 20 APAC Tech Firms Managed to Post Growth in 2020

Increasing investments in digital transformation, data centers and IoT deployment were instrumental in the more than 5% average revenue growth…

2021-06-01 - Maxim Integrated Products Inc.

Trinamic Reference Design Speeds Development of End-of-Arm Tooling

Trinamic has launched an open-source reference design that simplifies the development of industrial robotic end-of-arm tooling.