2021-03-11 - Junko Yoshida

In-Cabin AI First, Software-Defined Car Next—Mercedes-Benz Unveils EV Strategy

CES 2021 has clarified an emerging theme among automakers: First comes in-cabin AI, then software-defined cars.

2021-03-09 - Colin Barnden

Automakers Going Fabless

Today, no one would question a fabless chip company. How is that different from an automaker that designs but doesn't…

2021-03-03 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Tesla Faces Tough Competition in EV Market

European auto makers, especially some of the German brands, now represent significant competition for Tesla...

2021-02-08 - Egil Juliussen

2021 Auto Industry Outlook: What Can We Expect from BEVs, Connected Cars & Software?

Here's my 2021 prediction on what BEVs (battery electric vehicles), connected cars and software will become...

2021-01-14 - Junko Yoshida

CES 2021: Mercedes-Benz Driving In-Cabin AI & Software-Defined Vehicles

CES 2021 has clarified an emerging theme among automakers: First comes in-cabin AI, followed by software-defined cars...

2020-12-25 - Colin Barnden

What Apple Really Wants From ‘iCar’

Is Apple really planning to produce an iCar? Probably. Rumors of the “iCar” have been circulating and recirculating for years,…

2020-12-24 - Drue Freeman

Chip Startups are Gaining Traction in Auto Industry

The ecosystem disruptions wrought by ADAS and AV development have made the automotive-semiconductor market more hospitable to startups...

2020-12-22 - Egil Juliussen

Amazon’s Going Mobile: First Look at Zoox Autonomous Robo-Taxi

Zoox announced its robotaxi earlier. It lives up to all the expectations that have been floating around about the company.

2020-12-16 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

The Electric Vehicles Are Coming!

ADI and Rimac held a virtual discussion focused on topics ranging from how electric vehicles (EVs) are entering the mainstream…

2020-12-15 - TrendForce

Tesla Leads the BEV Market While EU Carmakers Dominate PHEV Spots in 2020

The dual stimuli of policies and legislative changes for new energy vehicles (NEV) have brought about a corresponding growth of battery…

2020-11-16 - Don Scansen

Why is Apple M1 Processor Passing on the Chiplets?

In light of Apple’s M1 processor announcement recent;y, let me ponder why Apple passed on the chiplets, and where I…

2020-11-09 - Junko Yoshida

Lessons From China: Battery Safety in EVs

China’s EV startup WM Motor issued a recall for more than 1,000 vehicles after four of its vehicles caught fire…