2021-10-28 - Hwee Yng Yeo, Keysight Technologies

The Electric Vehicle Race to Market

Three rapidly advancing technologies are driving this collective race towards zero-emission e-mobility: wide-bandgap (WBG) devices, more power-dense batteries, and faster…

2021-10-27 - Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn)

Foxconn Unveils Self-Developed EV Models

Foxconn has introduced for the first time its three EV models: the Model C recreational vehicle, the Model E sedan,…

- Bureau Veritas

Total Solutions for Charging Stations and IC-CPD

Bureau Veritas Group in Asia provides a comprehensive one-stop testing and certification solution for charging stations.

2021-10-22 - Robert Day, Arm

The Software-Defined Vehicle Needs Hardware that Goes the Distance

How do we deliver a hardware platform that has the compute capability, flexibility and capacity to handle complex use cases…

2021-10-21 - Dr. Y.-C. Hsu, Researcher and Research LLC

Asia and Middle East EV Sales Up 177% in Jan-Aug 2021

EV sales in Asia and the Middle East rose by 177% year-on-year for January to August 2021, according to Researcher…

2021-10-20 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Eggtronic Enables GaN-based Charging for EVs

Eggtronic's hybrid technology aims to increase the power and efficiency of wireless charging applications for consumer and eventually automotive applications.

- Inomize Ltd

Challenges in Automotive ASIC Design Based on True Stories

Many vehicle electronics systems are built on ASIC infrastructure, requiring both ASIC players and car makers to collaborate to provide…

2021-10-19 - Jim Chen, Phihong Technology Co. Ltd

Fast Charging System Technology and Future Developments

Former charging stations of 50kW can no longer meet the demands of new EVs for higher charging speed. To this…

- Colin Barnden

Stupidity, Damn Stupidity, and Lethal Features

GM's Ultra Cruise enables rich, lazy people to experiment with hands-free operation of 6,000-lb tanks. What a stupid idea.

2021-10-18 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Safeguards V2X Communication

Infineon's SLS37 V2X hardware security module (HSM) is a plug-and-play security solution for vehicle to everything communication.

2021-10-15 - Carrie Browen and Kevin Kershner, Keysight Technologies

Looking Ahead: High-Speed In-Vehicle Display and Sensor Connections

If the last 20 years have been linear in the development of electrification, the last two to three years have…

- George Leopold

Car Makers Reap What’s Sown During Chip Shortage

The latest round of production cuts shows there's no end in sight for The Great Semiconductor Shortage of 2021.