2021-04-21 - Nitin Dahad

Synopsys Unified Circuit Simulation Workflow Tackles SoC Design Complexity

Synopsys is offering a unified approach to SoC design, accommodating complex mixes of analog, digital and mixed signal components.

2021-04-12 - Alan Patterson

US Puts China’s Phytium on Entity List for Making Missiles Using Western Tech

Tianjin Phytium Information Technology Co. is one of seven companies that the US put on its Entity List after the…

2021-04-06 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence Accelerates Pre Silicon Hardware Debug and Software Validation

Cadence Design Systems Inc. has launched the Palladium Z2 Enterprise Emulation and Protium X2 Enterprise Prototyping systems to handle the…

- Majeed Ahmad

Siemens Emulation and Prototyping Tools Tackle SoC Design Challenges

A cohesive system takes hardware, software, and system verification to the next level of emulation and prototyping platform innovation.

2021-03-12 - Chouki Aktouf

EDA Breakthroughs Needed to Conquer Evolving SoC Design Challenges

As system complexity continues to rise, breakthroughs are needed if EDA is to keep ahead of SoC design challenges.

2020-12-09 - Sally Ward-Foxton

IBM Ecosystem Promises Game-Changing AI Performance

IBM research ecosystem promises full-stack innovation for game-changing AI chips, but its goals are lofty...

2020-11-17 - Nitin Dahad

Synopsys Acquires Moortec to Expand Silicon Lifecycle Management Platform

Synopsys acquisition of Moortec addresses silicon lifecycle management trend...

2020-11-16 - Don Scansen

Why is Apple M1 Processor Passing on the Chiplets?

In light of Apple’s M1 processor announcement recent;y, let me ponder why Apple passed on the chiplets, and where I…

2020-10-14 - George Leopold

Silicon Wafer Shipments Head for Recovery and Record High

Bullish forecasts for the silicon wafer shipments as the EDA industry thrives...

- Ansys

Ansys Expands Its Semiconductor Footprint and Stages Virtual User Conference

The rapid growth of the interest in Ansys’s semiconductor tools has prompted the company to stage a gathering of its…

2020-07-20 - Anton Shilov

How SMIC Can Keep Up With Advanced Process Technologies – Part 2

SMIC has begun producing 14nm chips, and has joined the FinFET club. The company is on the verge of a…

2020-07-17 - George Leopold

EDA Industry Maintains Healthy Growth

The EDA sector continues to expand as system-level efforts gain momentum...