2022-12-02 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Gear Radio Achieves First-pass Silicon Success Using Cadence and UMC Certified mmWave Reference Flow

Gear Radio Electronics successfully taped out an LNA IC on the first pass by adopting Cadence and UMC certified mmWave reference flow.

2022-11-18 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence Launches 22Gbps GDDR6 IP at TSMC N5

The Cadence IP for GDDR6 is silicon proven on TSMC’s N5 process technology, exceeding Cadence's previous 16Gbps designs.

2022-11-10 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence Integrity 3D-IC Platform Certified for TSMC 3DFabric Offerings

Cadence's Integrity 3D-IC platform has achieved certification for and met all reference design flow criteria for TSMC's 3DFabric offerings.

2022-11-03 - Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Acquires Avery Design Systems

Siemens is strengthening its IC verification portfolio with the acquisition of Avery Design Systems.

2022-10-31 - EE Times Asia

Synopsys, Ansys and Keysight Develop mmWave Reference Flow for TSMC Process Technology

Keysight, Synopsys, and Ansys have developed a mmWave design reference flow for TSMC's 16nm FinFET Compact (16FFC) technology.

2022-10-28 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd

TSMC Expands OIP Ecosystem with Launch of 3DFabric Alliance

TSMC is expanding its OIP ecosystem with the launch of the 3DFabric Alliance at the 2022 Open Innovation Platform Ecosystem Forum.

- Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys Unveils Achievements on TSMC N3E Process

Synopsys' latest achievements in EDA and IP on the TSMC N3E process provide customers with robust solutions that help them meet the stringent power, performance and area targets for their designs.

2022-10-26 - Siemens Digital Industries Software

Siemens Tessent Multi Die Automates 2.5D and 3D Chip DFT

Siemens' Tessent Multi-die helps customers speed and simplify critical DFT tasks for next-gen ICs based on 2.5D and 3D architectures.

- Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence Design Flows Now Certified for TSMC’s Latest N4P and N3E Processes

TSMC has certified Cadence's digital and custom/analog design flows for the latest N4P and N3E processes.

2022-10-25 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence Joins IFS USMAG Alliance

Cadence is advancing the adoption of Intel’s secure manufacturing processes in conjunction with its secure EDA tools and IP, ensuring that military, aerospace and government customers meet stringent national security requirements.

2022-10-20 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

Cadence and Samsung Foundry Expand Collaboration to Advance 3D-IC Design

Through the continued collaboration, the reference flow featuring the Cadence Integrity 3D-IC platform has been enabled to advance Samsung Foundry's 3D-IC methodology.

2022-10-14 - Synopsys Inc.

Synopsys Expands Code Sight Standard Edition with IntelliJ Support

Adding support for IntelliJ significantly expands the addressable market for Code Sight Standard Edition solution.