2020-06-03 - George Leopold

A Marriage of IC Security with System-Level Synthesis

A new U.S. design initiative would help silicon architects achieve system-level synthesis while incorporating security into the design process...

2020-06-01 - Litemax

Optimized Quad-display Solutions Extend Design Flexibility

The latest Litemax compact box computer IBOX-V1K0/V1K1 series powered by AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 Soc, can power up to 4…

2017-08-15 - Cadence

7nm-ready RAKs provide optimised RTL-to-GDS flow

To accelerate the adoption of ARM's latest processors, Cadence has delivered new 7nm-ready Rapid Adoption Kits for the Cortex-A75 and…

2017-08-01 - Synopsys

MediaTek adopts Synopsys prototyping for SoCs

HAPS prototyping is part of the Synopsys Verification Continuum platform, which is focused on accelerating the verification and software development…

2017-07-13 - Michael Allen

How ancillary services benefit PCB assembly

Besides PCB assembly, contract manufacturers offer other services that can help reduce a project's cost and lead time.

2017-07-07 - Rick Merritt

Moore’s Law end shakes industry

The industry may still be in denial about the future of Moore's Law. With no clear replacement for CMOS scaling,…

- Rick Merritt

Goodbye DRAMS, hello franken-systems

Domain-specific architectures will rise to improve performances in target markets.

2017-05-24 - Rick Merritt

Chinese start-up sells try-and-buy Si IP online

SiFive has a new embedded RISC-V core and a simple way to access its processor cores on its website. What's…

2017-04-10 - EE Times Asia

MCUXpresso IDE offers MCU design flexibility

Built to leverage the MCUXpresso SDK and Config Tools, the MCUXpresso IDE unifies Kinetis and LPC MCUs under a set…

2017-03-28 - EE Times Asia

Secure module for SoCs adds crypto acceleration

The DesignWare tRoot H5 HSM provides SoCs with a unique identity that cannot be tampered with, according to Synopsys.