2021-03-05 - IDC

A Robust 6% Year-end Growth for The Philippines Smartphone Market in 4Q20

The Philippines smartphone market ended the year strong with 6.5 million units in 2020Q4, growing by 19% QoQ and 6%…

- Junko Yoshida

Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound Optimizes Wireless Audio Quality

Qualcomm unveiled “Snapdragon Sound,” proprietary software and hardware technologies designed to optimize wireless quality in an entire audio chain.

2021-02-08 - IDC

APAC AR/VR IT Spending Expected to Reach $28.8Bn in 2024

Asia Pacific augmented and virtual reality IT spending picks up in second half of 2020 and expected to reach $28.8…

2021-02-05 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Voice Biometrics Gets Ready to Enable Payment Authentication

Synaptics and ID R&D have integrated software and hardware for a voice biometrics solution that can run at the edge…

2021-02-03 - Junko Yoshida 

New User’s Guide to Address Level 3 Autonomous Modes

Engineers guide their AV development work based on SAE Levels. But where is the manual consumers can study before they…

2021-01-29 - Cabe Atwell

CES 2021 Wearable Tech Roundup

A roundup of the unique wearable technologies that were unveiled at CES 2021...

2021-01-21 - Don Scansen

Impact of the COVID-19 and 5G

Before we were all blindsided by Covid-19, 5G, edge computing, and Wi-Fi 6 were being rolled out. How did the…

2021-01-19 - David Benjamin

CES 2021: AI Is Both Miraculous and Dangerous

Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua and New York Times pundit Thomas Friedman agreed that the world needs the machines infused with…

2021-01-14 - Brian Santo

CES 2021: LG Showcases AI Advancements for Empowering Life

LG announced the latest version of its AI chip, which is enabling new features across the company's product portfolio...

2021-01-13 - Junko Yoshida

CES 2021: Mobileye Expects Consumer AV in 2025

Predicting consumer AV in 2025, Mobileye's CEO outlined strategies to make AVs “scalable, transferrable, economically viable and legislatively acceptable."...