2022-05-20 - HPC-AI Advisory Council

HPC-AI Competition Tackles Human Health and Sustainability

The fifth iteration of the regional APAC HPC-AI student competition will tackle the pressing global problems of human health and…

2022-03-23 - Axiomtek

Axiomtek Partners with Hailo to Launch Palm-sized Edge AI Computer

Axiomtek has launched Aristotle, a compact fanless edge AI computer developed in partnership with AI chipmaker Hailo.

2022-03-14 - Robert Oshana

The Building Blocks of Edge Computing

The IoT has rapidly gained a profile in our everyday lives as its phenomenal growth has enabled the connection of…

2022-03-07 - Stefani Munoz

Marvell Targets Cloud Data Centers with Silicon Photonics Platform

Marvell's latest cloud-optimized silicon photonics platform aims to address growing bandwidth demands while also providing lower costs and better power.

- Zvi Or-Bach, Monolithic 3-D Inc.

China May Win in AI Computing

Hybrid bonding provides a critical path to achieve progress in semiconductor performance. China has no choice but to innovate in…

2022-02-09 - SpaceDC

Singapore Firm to Build Philippines’ Largest Hyperscale Data Center

The green data center will be fully powered with renewable energy—wind, geothermal—and is slated to open in 2022.

2022-01-20 - The Executive Team, Keysight Technologies

Technology Predictions from an Electronic Design and Test Thinktank

Keysight executives comment on the shape-shifting business operations and technology trends that are unfolding through the lens of the pandemic.

2022-01-13 - George Leopold

Nvidia Acquires HPC Software Specialist Bright Computing

The HPC cluster management specialist fills a niche in Nvidia's software stack.

2021-12-28 - Dan Rossek

Edge Computing, AI, and the Cloud

Digitalization brings valuable new functions that make use of the data that probably already existed on the production line but…

2021-12-16 - Sally Ward-Foxton

New Optical Chip Surpasses GPU in Hardest Math Problems

An optical computing startup has demonstrated a silicon photonics accelerator running the Ising problem more than 100 times faster than…

2021-12-03 - Sally Ward-Foxton

MLPerf Training Scores: Microsoft Demonstrates Fastest Cloud AI

The training benchmarks illuminate competition for boosting AI training performance among Nvidia, Graphcore and Intel-Habana accelerators.

2021-11-25 - Sally Ward-Foxton

SC21: Chinese Supercomputer Approaches Quantum Performance

A roundup of news from SC21: With Frontier still not online, still no official Exascale systems in Top500.