2021-03-02 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Bringing 8-Bit Training Breakthroughs to AI Hardware

State-of-the-art low precision algorithmic work now embodied in 4-core AI accelerator chip, enabling efficient 8-bit training and 4-bit inference...

2021-02-25 - Don Scansen

ISSCC 2021: Focus on the SoCs

There were three papers with impact on SoC technology: one on AI vision, one on nanosheets, one looking at power…

2021-02-17 - George Leopold

The Promise & Pitfalls of Open Hardware Development

The democratization of hardware design may be upon us.

2021-02-09 - Don Scansen

ISSCC 2021 Preview: What to Expect

ISSCC 2021 runs February 13-22. A few things will be different this year as the conference joins a long list…

2021-02-05 - Colin Barnden

The DMS Disaster Facing Mobileye and Nvidia

Am I the only one sensing the DMS disaster coming to Mobileye and Nvidia? Right. It's not exactly the most…

2021-02-04 - Kevin Krewell

Open Source RISC-V Hardware Changes the Game

The RISC-V open-source hardware effort started as a project at UC Berkley, where the first RISC design happened to have…

2021-02-01 - Don Scansen

Intel Marches Towards Data-Centric Era

In a rapidly expanding data universe, cloud, edge and other facets of the data-centric businesses are key to Intel's future…

2021-01-28 - Jon Peddie

Open Source GPU for RISC-V: The Rise of RV64X

Advantages of fused CPU-GPU ISA include the ability to implement a standard graphics pipeline in microcode, provide support for custom…

2021-01-27 - Egil Juliussen

2021 Auto Industry Outlook: Where Autonomous Vehicles Will Stand

It is time to do some speculation on what may happen with autonomous vehicles in 2021. Last year was somewhat…

2021-01-25 - IDC

IDC Reveals Asia/Pacific Cloud Predictions for 2021 & Beyond

Cloud and cloud-centric operating models have grown to become integral components of the modern IT environment...