2020-10-30 - Rebecca Day

The Pandemic Pushed ‘Prime Day’ Into October

The pandemic pushed Prime Day, usually in July, into October. The retail world proclaimed it the de facto start to…

- John Walko

Europe Looks to Open Up 6GHz Band for Wi-Fi

European regulators are being pressured to open up the 6-GHz band for Wi-Fi and its successor, Wi-Fi 6E...

2020-10-28 - Junko Yoshida

Interview with ON Semi’s Ross Jatou on ADAS & AVs

An interview with On Semi's Ross Jatou about his company's growth strategy in the ADAS and autonomous vehicle markets, and…

2020-10-27 - Egil Juliussen

How Far Are Robotaxis Progressing?

Robotaxis are progressing. But how far? In the last two weeks, I spotted two pretty significant announcements in the United…

- Anne-Françoise Pelé

Key Considerations When Implementing Sensors in Vehicles

Experts on the integration of sensors in vehicles talked about the six fundamental considerations for the right sensor mix, at…

2020-10-26 - Renesas Electronics

Renesas and Sequans to Collaborate on 5G/4G Cellular IoT

Renesas modules based on Sequans technology to become available worldwide...

2020-10-23 - EE Times Taiwan

Tech Startups Build Innovative AIoT Applications

At the recent TIE show, we caught up with tech startups & teams from nextDrive, AIWin, TMYTEK, imec Taiwan, and…

2020-10-21 - Michael Kirschner

The Biological Nutrient Cycle for Electronic Industry

Do biological, organic, biodegradable and/or compostable technologies exist that can provide functionality useful for electrical/electronic applications?

2020-10-20 - Egil Juliussen

Cooperation & Competition Dynamics Across AV Software Platforms

It is time to update my pictorial view of the competition and cooperation across the leading autonomous vehicle (AV) software…

2020-10-16 - John Walko

O-RAN Pioneer Mavenir Files for IPO

Mavenir has filed for an IPO and applied for listing on the NASDAQ board, an indication that open RAN technology…