2020-10-12 - STMicroelectronics

LaSAR Ecosystem to Accelerate Development of AR Eyewear Applications

ST announces the launch of the LaSAR Alliance to develop and accelerate AR smart-glass solutions...

2020-10-06 - TrendForce

Top 10 Tech Industry Trends for 2021

TrendForce provides its forecast of 10 key trends in the tech industry for 2021...

2020-08-10 - Infineon Technologies

Radar-based entrance counter solution ensures social distancing

Infineon Technologies developed a solution that counts people while entering and leaving buildings or rooms and ensures social distancing ...

2020-07-27 - TrendForce

AR/VR Devices Shipment Projected to Reach 43.2M Units in 2025

AR/VR devices shipment projected to reach 43.2 Million units in 2025, driven by glasses-like AR/VR devices, says TrendForce...

2020-07-21 - Gartner

Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2020

AI, edge computing and supply chain governance are some of the top trends for supply chain leaders looking to transform…

2020-07-10 - Strategy Analytics

AR/VR Outlook: Painful 2020 but Bright Future Ahead in New Normal

Smartphone Tethered AR and VR use for collaboration, education, and training drive growth...

2020-05-06 - Yole Développement

A Bright Future? Displays and Optic Innovations Transform the AR/VR Industries

OEMs are waiting for MicroLED-based innovations. Yole anticipates MicroLED’s penetration to reach 30% in AR headsets by 2027. A 1st…

2019-10-24 - ABB

Augmented Reality (AR) Solution Heralds New Era in Service

ABB Ability Remote Insights for service helps customers bring operations back online more quickly with remote expert support and guidance.

2019-08-20 - George Leopold

AR on the Shop Floor

Augmented reality tools are being used to manufacture the next U.S. manned spacecraft.

2019-08-08 - Kevin Krewell

Blog: Siggraph Virtual Tour

As an analyst I attend many, many conferences, some are purely for work and some I actually enjoy. Siggraph is…