Bureau Veritas Executes IEC 62933 Testing and Certification for Taiwan Power’s 60MW On-site Energy Storage System

Article By : Bureau Veritas

Through Bureau Veritas, Taiwan Power has obtained the first IEC 62933 certificate in Taiwan for its 60MW on-site energy storage system.

With the trend toward net zero emissions, the transformation of global energy is speeding up; the prosperous energy storage market becomes one of the most important industries with the aim of global carbon reduction. In addition, since the power shortage has stricken Taiwan several times in recent years. The government not only diligently develops energy storage technology and demonstrates the plan, but also actively constructs large battery energy storage facilities which bringing a huge business opportunity for the energy storage related companies.

In order to assist manufacturers to master the latest requirements in the market, to quickly implement and comply with international standards, and obtain the safety certification to ensure the enterprises’ assets and working environment, Bureau Veritas, the leading testing, inspection, and certification organization, has accepted a commission from TECO Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd to execute testing and certification process for the largest 60MW on-site energy storage system of Taiwan Power Co. to obtain the first IEC 62933 certificate in Taiwan.

“During the cooperating process with TECO, both parties have conducted multiple analyses and evaluations of the risk of IEC 62933; Bureau Veritas has adhered to the company’s consistent philosophy to help clients develop sustainably. The technical experts have to thoroughly master the progress of the projects; providing the service of offering clients the corresponding solutions as soon as possible, providing an evaluation paper of a series of key component inspections, the constructing analysis of the energy storage system, and the designing and examining of the products,” said Pascal LE-RAY, General Manager of Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services Technology Products Taiwan. “Bureau Veritas is honored to have this opportunity to support TECO becoming the first energy storage system company to obtain the IEC 62933 certificate and IEC 62443-3-3 energy storage Network and system cybersecurity certificate.”

The IEC 62933 energy storage system certificate presents a guarantee for equipment quality; however, its application process is complicated. How to choose a trusted professional organization for executing the IEC 62933 testing and certification to avoid a repeatedly testing process has become a critical mission for every enterprise. Bureau Veritas is a global group whose branches are spread over 140 countries; moreover, the head office in France has a professional team dedicated to coordinating sustainable services. We not only overview the whole trend of global sustainability but also understand thoroughly every country’s related legislation and local policy. Under the prosperous development of the energy storage market, Bureau Veritas supports the certification of energy storage cabinets, verifies the critical component, tests the battery management system, and provides professional assistance for the risk assessment of the energy storage system.

Recently, TECO Electric & Machinery won the case for the E/S energy storage equipment system with NT$2.6 billion. The scale of the project is 60MW, which is the largest among the 29 ultra-high voltage substations in Taiwan, accounting for about 37.5% of Taipower’s self-built energy storage capacity, and it is also an important node in Taiwan’s 345kV ultra-high voltage transmission lines. In recent years, TECO has continued to invest in the renewable energy market, and it has entered the field of energy storage in 2015. Several domestic and foreign energy storage system projects have been completed, and the marketing rate has reached 35%. TECO has obtained the turkey projects of offshore wind power substations onshore for three consecutive years, accumulating a market share of about 2GW. Among them, the 100MW onshore substation equipment of the Changfang & Xidao Wind Farm in the first phase has successfully participated in the Taipower system. (Source: Yahoo Finance)


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