Blockchain to be Used as Voting Mechanism

Article By : ioeX

South Korea’s Liberty Korea Party officially announces partnership for blockchain voting system with Taiwanese startup ioeX

This week, South Korea’s largest opposition party “Liberty Korea” held a press conference to announce their foreign partnership with Taiwanese startup ioeX who will be implementing a blockchain voting system with the company’s technology solution.

ioeX has a strong background in IoT and blockchain technology and their customized platform solution will allow Liberty Korea to conduct party elections with all records directly preserved in the blockchain. Additionally, the platform will include a petition function to facilitate the gathering of public opinion while also providing up-to-date records of representative activity for the general public.

Liberty Korea Emergency Committee Chairperson Byoung Jun Kim stated that they will continue to partner with ioeX to advocate the use of blockchain applications in the future; Liberty Korea Floor Leader Na Kyung Won emphasized that the characteristics of blockchain such as traceability and being tamper-proof can help facilitate party elections with increased success. South Korea National Assembly member and Liberty Korea representative Hee Gyun Song expressed that in order to create a better environment, we cannot fear and reject new technologies. Hopefully, developing an ecosystem for the blockchain industry will allow for better oversight to legalize ICO and reduce the transaction risks of cryptocurrencies to establish a healthy environment for blockchain technology.

The blockchain voting system will see official use during Liberty Korea’s young party member election in March; the system will continue to see use in various elections and inter-party announcements.

ioeX’s introduction of the “ioeX Protocol – Decentralized P2P Distributed Network” integrates distributed node network functionality with decentralized blockchain technology to provide a network transfer consensus mechanism solution. ioeX began as a project to reduce operating risk and cost for smart device suppliers by creating a comprehensive ecosystem through a healthy and stable distributed network combined with the ioeX duo-chain (public and consortium chain) system. The ioeX distributed network provides a suite of functions such as X-Cloud, X-Surfing, and X-Talk integrated into the ioeX app so that users can enjoy the full, convenient services within the ecosystem.

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