Backplane systems support up to 28Gbps data rate

Article By : Molex

Molex Impact zX2 backplane connector system lowers impedance to 95Ω to ensure optimal SI performance amidst increasing data rates.

Molex has released the Impact zX2 backplane connector system, featuring density and signal integrity (SI) efficiency, while supporting data rates of up to 28Gbps in a modular design. The system utilises Impel patented ground shielding and footprint technology to enhance SI performance.

A common-ground structure improves crosstalk isolation, resulting in increased near-end crosstalk (NEXT) margin. Tuned to lower functional impedance to 95Ω, discontinuities are minimised throughout signal channels. Reduced-size compliant pins of 0.36mm on both the backplane and daughter card modules optimise PCB footprint that helps to further enhance the SI performance of the connector system by reducing impedance in the footprint.

With Impact zX2 backplane connector system, upgrading line cards to meet data rate requirements becomes possible without making major revisions to existing infrastructure. Ideal for applications in fields of telecommunications, data/computing, aerospace and defence and medical, the zX2 system is backward compatible with standard Impact headers, allowing users to keep their existing architecture in place while upgrading their chassis’ data rates.

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