Audio line filter features up to 2.5GHz attenuation

Article By : TDK

The MAF1005G can suppress the spurious emissions from cellular bands by up to 50dB.

TDK Corporation has extended its line-up of EMC components for audio lines with the addition of the new MAF1005G noise suppression filter.

Measuring 1.0mm x 0.5mm x 0.5mm, the miniaturised audio line filter features a high attenuation of cellular bands from 700MHz to 2.5GHz and can suppress the spurious emissions from these bands by up to 50dB. Moreover, the new filter limits the THD+N of the audio signals to the world’s lowest levels, just like the MAF1608G, which was introduced in May 2016. As a result, the new MAF1005G filters cause no sound quality degradation in audio lines.

Thanks to their small size and excellent attenuation performance, they are suitable for noise suppression in audio lines (earphones, speakers, microphones) of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and portable game consoles.

Based on an optimised product design that utilises a ferrite material with a low distortion factor, TDK was able to reduce sound quality degradation to a level equal to that of a line without a noise filter. This makes it possible to implement noise protection while still extracting the full performance potential of the audio amplifier.

Volume production began in August 2016.

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