ATE performs wafer-level test to 3kV

Article By : Vivek Nanda

The power semiconductor test systems performs high-voltage, low-voltage and capacitance tests in a single probe touch-down.

Keithley's S540 power semiconductor test system automates wafer-level testing of power semiconductor devices and structures up to 3kV. You can use it with compound power semiconductor materials, including silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN).

The ATE perform high-voltage, low-voltage and capacitance tests in a single probe touch-down.

The system integrates Keithley’s measurement instrumentation with both low- and high-voltage switching matrices, cabling, probe card adapters, prober drivers and KTE test software. The end result is a customisable 12to 48-pin parametric test system that you don't need to re-configure for test setup or use separate test systems each for high-voltage and low-voltage tests. It enables fully automated 2- or 3-terminal transistor capacitance measurements and delivers sub-pA level measurement performance.

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"Many fabs are using custom-built, hybrid test systems for power semiconductor testing that require manually changing test setups when moving from low voltage to high voltage tests. As you might expect, this adds process steps and slows production," said Mike Flaherty, general manager, Keithley product line, Tektronix, in a press statement. "In contrast, the S540 is a complete, fully integrated solution well suited for production environments where numerous devices must be tested quickly."

The S540 performs transistor capacitance measurements such as Ciss, Coss, and Crss up to 3kV and can perform fully automated, high voltage leakage current tests in <1 sec.

You can order the test system now but deliveries begin March 2017. More details are on the product page.

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