Analyser measures up to 0.03MHz low-frequency noise

Article By : ProPlus Design Solutions

9812DX sets high-speed record for on-wafer noise characterisation with typical noise measurement time of less than 10s per bias.

ProPlus Design Solutions has recently launched the 9812DX wafer-level 1/f noise characterisation system, an enhanced version of its de facto standard 9812D.

It includes a more than 10x increase in system resolution, as well as a speed-up boost three-to-10x faster than previous systems, higher voltage support up to 200V and lower current support down to 0.1nA. 9812DX adds a wider range of measurement conditions and device types than offered by 9812D.

9812DX provides a true 10MHz bandwidth for accurate on-wafer noise measurement and user can also measure very low-frequency noises starting at 0.03Hz. It also has the lowest system resolution for on-wafer measurement at 1×10-27A2/Hz, a 10X+ improvement over 9812D. It enables noise measurement of extreme low DC current at 0.1nA, a requirement for advanced designs that need to bias devices at weak inversion conditions, dark current noise of photodiodes or image sensors for many consumer, communication, automotive and industrial applications.

9812DX also sets the high-speed record for on-wafer noise characterisation–at least three to 10 times faster than 9812D, with typical noise measurement time of less than 10s per bias. This performance boost is due to improved software algorithms and hardware architecture. Improved measurement speed enables rapid data collection to manage increasing amounts of noise measurements required by process quality monitoring, statistical variation analysis and advanced circuit designs.

Additionally, it handles high-voltage device operations up to 200V and a wider range of measurement conditions and device types. Those include bulk MOSFET, FinFET, FD-SOI, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) and junction field effect transistors (JFETs) and various diodes, such as photo, laser and Zener diodes, wide range of resistors (10 to 10MΩ), including voltage-controlled resistors and ICs.

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