Alchip, “Silicon Heart of AI”

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Alchip Technologies Ltd, a leading fabless ASIC company, have announced the new brand slogan, “Silicon Heart of AI”,

Alchip Technologies Ltd, a leading fabless ASIC company, have announced the new brand slogan, “Silicon Heart of AI”, as one of its global branding strategies in AI market. As AI market continues to evolve and advance, Alchip not merely maintains the existing consumer and niche markets, it will also focus on AI and HPC fields as the core business, and aggressively dominate the ASIC design market in AI/HPC applications.

Alchip is considered as a global leader in ASIC design service with advanced process technology since its establishment in 2003. Releasing the new brand slogan, Silicon Heart of AI, represents as a new beginning to demonstrate its leading market positioning in AI and HPC fields, and declare the attitude of “time-to-market innovation” to its partners and customers.

Based on the big breakthrough on AI chips, big data and AI algorithms in recent years, artificial intelligence has rapidly expanded in the fields of cloud computing, deep learning, security monitoring, intelligent manufacturing and automatic driving, and has become the competitive target in semiconductor industry.

According to Allied Market Research, the global AI market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 40.8% and reach near US$37.8 billion by 2025. The global semiconductor market has become more competitive over the last few years, and the industry is facing a strong demand for high-end process AI application chips. In addition, AI and HPC are meant to drive together, not only due to their high computing power and high speed communication, but also their advanced process nodes (16/12/7nm and more advanced) and close partnership with foundries.

Currently there are just few ASIC manufacturers who have the required design capability with 7nm technology skills. Alchip is proud to be the market leader in AI and HPC fields. Its excellent chip design technologies and manufacturing solutions have gained high reputation in the industry. Following the remarkable records of 7nm designs in 2018, it will be focusing more on AI and HPC application projects for future business.

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