AC/DC power platform flaunts current-doubling tech

Article By : AMETEK

AMETEK's Asterion is capable of maintaining maximum power throughout any voltage range, and eliminates the need to buy multiple sources or overpowered sources to run tests at different voltage levels.

AMETEK Programmable Power has pushed out the door an AC and DC power platform that boasts remarkable power density, performance and ease of use. The company’s initial platform launch of Asterion is for its California Instruments Asterion AC power source, available in 500VA, 750VA and 1.5kVA power levels.

According to AMETEK, the Asterion delivers up to 1.5kVA in a 1U (44.45mm) height package; that is two to three times the power density of comparable, competitive power sources. At the heart of Asterion’s notable performance is AMETEK’s iX2 current-doubling technology. With iX2, as the output voltage decreases from maximum to one-half maximum, Asterion’s available output current increases up to two times the rated output current. That allows Asterion to maintain maximum power throughout the voltage range. In addition, iX2 current-doubling technology eliminates a common need to buy multiple sources or overpowered sources to run tests at different voltage levels, such as when performing low line voltage testing.


Other unique platform benefits are auto-paralleling and clock/lock to achieve higher output power and multi-phase configuration. Users can combine up to six units to achieve 9kVA per phase of output power. One unit becomes the master while the rest serve as auxiliary units. System setup can be accomplished using a single front panel or digital interface. Multiphase systems can be configured for split-phase, three-phase, or even higher phase count requirements.

The Asterion offers wide AC and DC output voltage ranges with an accuracy of ±0.2% from DC to 1kHz. Load and line regulation are ±0.025% and ±0.015%, respectively.

Furthermore, test engineers will appreciate the Asterion AC source’s ease of use, which is based on a novel user interface developed by AMETEK specifically for the platform. The intuitive, touch-screen interface, unique on an AC source, allows users to quickly and easily set up the source and run tests.

Asterion is at home both in the lab and in automatic test systems. When used in an ATE system, the Asterion can be ordered without a front panel, at a significant savings, and be equipped with LAN, USB and RS-232 interfaces bundled as standard. An optional GPIB interface also is available. Intuitive ‘virtual panel’ control GUI software offered with the instrument makes it easy to set up and operate interactively from a computer, the company added. Included drivers make it simple to integrate the unit into ATE systems. The Asterion’s initial series launch also includes, as an option, a complete avionics test suite.

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