2021-10-18 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight First to Gain PTCRB Validation of 5G mmWave Radio Resource Management Test Cases

Keysight's PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) validation enables chipset vendors to verify that designs accurately manage the reception of two concurrent signals.

2021-08-25 - Monolithic Power Systems

How Integration is Advancing Innovations in Power Management

The continuing trend toward smaller and more powerful devices has driven demand for technology that can manage thermals with ever-higher power densities as processing power increases.

2021-04-12 - Bill McFarland

Without Intelligent Management and Optimization, Potential of WiFi 6 is Limited

WiFi 6 has finally arrived in consumers' homes. If the industry forecasts hold up, this technology will be one of the leading trends of the decade.

2020-01-13 - Renesas Electronics

Renesas’ Power Management IC Adopted in Google Coral AI Products

ISL91301B PMIC Delivers up to 16A and 94 Percent Peak Efficiency in 70mm2 Solution Size

2019-04-08 - Maxim Integrated

Compact 4-Channel Automotive Power Management IC for Vehicle Camera Modules

MAX20049 provides the industry’s most efficient power supply along with the flexibility and fault mitigation needed for automotive camera modules

2022-09-26 - Majeed Ahmad

Renewables: What’s Next in Energy Storage Systems?

Power design industry experts chart megatrends for storage of electricity from renewable sources.

2022-09-21 - Jay Kruse

Thorns in 5G’s Bed of Roses

When reading about 5G, it can appear to be the cure to all of our problems. But the technology may not live up to the hype surrounding it.

2022-09-13 - Dreev Gooheeram

How 5G Has Changed Engineering Design

Numerous applications can benefit from the high-bandwidth, low-latency capabilities offered by 5G, especially as advances in technology continue to strain infrastructure.

2022-09-09 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

Integrated GaN Half-Bridge Delivers MHz Performance

Navitas Semiconductor recently announced its GaNSense half-bridge power ICs that deliver 2-MHz switching frequency, with over 60% reduction in components and circuit size.

2022-09-02 - Brendon McHugh

Using SDRs to Prototype and Deploy Vehicular Networking for AVs

SDR-based testing systems can reconfigure their internal digital structure to test the RF behavior of the embedded firmware of AVs in face of new protocols, frequency allocations, and functionalities.

2022-08-25 - Cadence Design Systems Inc.

UMC and Cadence Partner on Analog/Mixed-Signal Flow for 22ULP/ULL Process Nodes

Cadence's analog/mixed-signal IC design flow has been certified for UMC's 22ULP/ULL process technologies.

2022-08-25 -

Marvell Technology, Inc. Reports Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results

Q2 Net Revenue: $1.517 billion, grew by 41% year-on-year Q2 Gross Margin: 51.8% GAAP gross margin; 65.0% non-GAAP gross margin Q2 Diluted income per share: $0.01 GAAP diluted income per share; $0.57 non-GAAP diluted income per share Santa Clara, Calif. (August 25, 2022) – Marvell Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRVL), a leader in infrastructure semiconductor solutions, today […]