Wireless Chips Winners in Q3

Article By : Dylan McGrath, EE Times

According to IHS Markit, the wireless communication segment grew the most in the third quarter

SAN FRANCISCO — Wireless communication chip sales increased by 12.3% in the third quarter, the fastest growth rate of any semiconductor category, according to IHS Markit.

Wireless communication chip growth was punctuated by Intel, which saw its sales in the category grow 39% compared with the second quarter. IHS Markit attributed this growth largely to increasingly reliance on Intel modem chips in the latest-generation iPhones. Apple has been relying heavily on Intel modems amid its ongoing feud and legal fight with Qualcomm.

Meanwhile, sales of memory chips increased sequentially for the 10th consecutive quarter, reaching $45.1 billion, IHS Markit said. Though memory chip pricing has weakened in recent months, the firm maintained that growth in memory chips was mainly driven by higher memory density in storage and the release of new mobile phones.

The data processing market also continued to show strength, growing sequentially by 6.8%, according to IHS Markit. Samsung has gained 3.8% in market share in data processing over the past eight quarters, while Intel has lost 4.8% the firm said. However, Intel’s data processing revenue still dwarfs Samsung by 58%. Combined, the two firms now account for 52% of data processing chip sales.

Overall, Samsung continues to lead the semiconductor industry with overall market share of 16.2%, compared with 14.5% for Intel, IHS said. Intel grew by 12.6% in the third quarter compared to the second quarter, with Samsung posting 9.3% sequential growth, IHS said.

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