Modernize your Mission-Critical IoT Devices Testing

Article By : Keysight

Keysight promises IoT talk at its Measurement Forum

In the early days, IoT devices manufacturing and validation testing received minimal attention due to low cost requirement and practice of direct replacement of faulty devices. However, with more and more IoT devices integrated into mission-critical applications in healthcare, industrial and power system industries, the cost of failure becomes too huge to be overlooked.

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In Keysight Measurement Forum 2018*, Raj Ramakrishnan, Keysight business development manager spoke about new approach for Low Cost IoT Devices functional RF Test using signalling test and the Over-The-Air (OTA) connection solution, powering by Keysight PathWave Test Software that give you better visibility of the DUT condition.

Traditional ways of testing are illustrated as below:

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* Keysight Measurement Forum (KMF) is Keysight Technologies annual largest signature seminar hosted in Singapore and Malaysia to discuss world leading technologies and the right test and measurement solutions. It’s also provide a networking platform to connect the various supply chain of semiconductor. In year 2018, the seminar hosted more than 600 customers and the presented papers are downloaded by more than 300 times.

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