Alchip’s 7nm ASIC chips has been successfully taped out

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AI ASIC chips on 7nm node ready for production

With the maturity of 7nm process and the high demand of HPC/AI chips market in the advanced process technology, Alchip Technologies Ltd. (TWSE: 3661) has won a few large orders from customers in Japan, China, Europe, and America. As a global leader in ASIC design service with advanced process technology, Alchip has successfully taped out its 7nm ASIC chips, prototyped, and began the volume production.

As a leading fabless ASIC company, Alchip has successfully developed ASIC/SoC in AI and HPC application. With the remarkable records, it had completed many design projects on high performance computing with high complexity in the past few years. AI is becoming the major driver for innovation in this generation. According to Allied Market Research, the global AI market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 45.4% and reach near US$91,185 million by 2025. Alchip is optimistic about its growth in the near future. With excellent chip design technologies and manufacturing solutions, Alchip will strive to the opportunities and build great achievements in the HPC/AI chip market with the latest process technology.

“The development of 7nm technology is now approaching maturity and is in the mass production.” said Johnny Shen, CEO of Alchip Technologies, Ltd. “Currently there are not many ASIC manufacturers who have capability to own the 7nm technology skills. Alchip is proud to provide our customers the outstanding customized SoC design services and production solutions. We support customers to achieve designed chips with high performance and low-power consumption, and represent as the dominance in the advanced technology of AI, HPC and Cryptocurrency field. We will continue as an ASIC hunter in HPC/AI market, and have more 7nm design projects in the future quarters.”

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