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Sensors playing key role in data collection

TE Connectivity (TE) is now applying sensors and medical expertise today to help inspire how you design with their technologies for a healthier tomorrow. While Dr. Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin has been historically attributed to luck, the vast majority of medical innovation comes at the hands of countless hours of research, data analysis, and testing. The combination of researchers, doctors, data, technology, and patients creates opportunities to test and measure for continued success. Sensors play a key role in the accurate collection of data to provide the opportunity for smarter, life-changing decisions.

Medical Monitoring
Sensors continue to enable medical professionals and patients to monitor and track conditions. The miniaturization, customization, and integration of multiple sensors in a single device allow for more data to be taken in more applications.

Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Sensors can be used in various applications dedicated to medical diagnosis and equipment.

From air bubble detection to medical pump system, sensors add safety to systems by monitoring and controlling what?

With the drive to understand more about patients and their needs, sensors continue to be used in innovative ways.

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