TE Connectivity’s Medical Pump Technology

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Pumps for infusion, hemodialysis and blood flow monitoring

TE Connectivity’s (TE) infusion pumps, hemodialysis and blood flow monitoring applications are vital technologies for surviving certain medical conditions. Robust sensors that are easy to integrate and provide superior reliability deliver confidence and trust in system performance.

The body and the medical devices that support them rely on liquids to flow continuously without interruption. Sensors are embedded in various pump and flow applications to confirm continuous, accurate flow, detect occlusion, externally detect bubbles in lines, and measure liquid levels.

Piezo-resistive Force Sensors
Force sensors play a key role in many critical medical applications, most notably infusion pumps. Despite this, the number of players in the force sensor field is limited. TE is a leader in the design and manufacture of force sensors. Proprietary technology is utilized to offer reliable force/load sensors of the compression type, which offer both technological and economic benefits. This white paper provides a brief introduction to TE’s force sensor technology, exemplary application areas and resulting value for customers globally.

Air Bubble Detection
TE’s AD-101 Air Bubble Detector for continuous, non-invasive monitoring of air bubble detection uses ultrasonic technology to positively identify the presence of a break in flow of any type of liquid. With continuous self-diagnosis and flexibility in packaging, these sensors enable designs for the most critical applications.

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