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Digilent test and measurement tools now available at Arrow

Whether you are a student looking for a multipurpose debugging tool, or a professional seeking a desktop measurement solution, Digilent’s test & measurement tools can enhance your engineering experience. Take measurements at your desk, on the plane, or in a coffee shop and capture the data directly to your computer.

Combined with free software, WaveForms 2015 or WaveForms Live, our test and measurement tools will turn your computer into a multi-instrument circuit analysis tool. With a Digilent USB workstation, you won’t just receive the hardware and software suite, you will also gain access to our detailed documentation, getting started guides, and dedicated support community.

The Analog Discovery 2: The Swiss Army Knife

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Out of all of our tools, the Analog Discovery is the most general purpose. With 11 different tools including analog and digital, it provides all of the basic benchtop equipment needed for electronics. The Analog Discovery to is a great choice if you require convenience and have a wide spectrum of use cases. You can easily switch between the Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope or any of the other tools as you need.

It is both general purpose in that it has many tools and specifications that are good enough for most applications, and in that it’s great for multiple audiences.

The Analog Discovery 2 provides convenience and portability. It can be a pain to have to go to the lab every time you need to take a measurement. If you need to show your results to a colleague, take a screenshot, export an image or download the data and email it over to them. You’ll still need the lab for the times when you need to take a measurement that exceeds the specifications, but for proof of concept or quick measurements you have a tool right at your desk.

If your primary goals are portability, and a wide range of tools, the Analog Discovery is the correct choice of Digilent instrumentation

The Digital Discovery: The Embedded or Digital Developers Sidekick

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If you are working on FPGA designs or embedded work with high speed, or many digital channels the Digital Discovery would be a great choice. The Digital Discovery focuses on Digital tools, so it doesn’t have the Analog capabilites, (such as the Oscilloscope or Waveform Generator on the Analog Discovery 2) but it has improved performance that an embedded developer might need. If you work on multiple systems that might require switching logic levels or output drive, the Digital Discovery is a good choice. The power supply gives you the option to select from 5 different logic levels and multiple output drives, slew and pull. If those systems are higher speed or noisy, the addition of the high speed adapter has the least noisy probes and can support up to 800 MS/s. If you experience situations where 8, or 16 channels just isn’t enough. The Digital Discovery has 24 high speed inputs, and 16 Digital I/Os, allowing up to 32 channels to be used at the same time.

If you are working on primarily Digital Signals, where noise needs to be reduced, higher speeds are required, or having more channels is a must, the Digital Discovery is the correct choice.

OpenScope: The Open Source Mobile Debugger

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The OpenScope is the lowest cost option, providing true mobile debugging at lower specifications. The OpenScope is the only device of Digilent Instrumentation that works with WaveForms Live, allowing measurements to be taken on a mobile device, tablet or computer. Data obtained gets sent to a browser or mobile application, via USB or a wireless connection. While other Digilent Instrumentation provides a software development option it in the event that you need to create a custom application, OpenScope is the only option that is truly open source, allowing the maximum options for customization.

If you are looking for a wireless instrumentation solution, an open source debugger, or a low cost tool for first exploring electronics, OpenScope is a great option.

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