Live Web Events: Industrial IoT for Smart-City Security

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Upcoming Techonline webinars discuss Smart City security, white papers from companies such as Silicon Labs, Pentek and Vesper

If you live in or near a city, you already have plenty of company, but be prepared to make room for more. Today, more than half of the world’s people live in urban areas, and urban migration shows no signs of letting up. Smart-city technologies can help municipalities manage resources and deliver critical services to growing urban populations, but what happens when the supporting power and communications infrastructure for such technologies are insufficient or nonexistent?

Savvy urban planners are turning to self-powered technologies created for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to get the job done. Register for our May 24 webinar to learn how a green IIoT approach is delivering a turnkey law-enforcement and security solution that uses edge computing and artificial intelligence to monitor environments and provide actionable data in real time without requiring additional power infrastructure.

On a related IoT topic, our May 17 webinar will explore the requirements for vital-signs-monitoring technologies in health and wellness gear ranging from consumer wearables to the clinical equipment used in professional health care settings.

If you can’t make a live event, let us know when you register, and we’ll send you a link so you can watch at your convenience.

According to Silicon Labs, mesh networks can extend battery life and communications range in IoT applications such as home and building automation. In a white paper for TechOnline, Silicon Labs offers guidance for selecting the best wireless mesh networking approach for your application. The paper compares the Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, and Zigbee standards and makes a case for supporting multiple wireless protocols.

Software-defined radio, meanwhile, enables nimble communications between IoT nodes. According to Pentek, SDR has revolutionized systems for data acquisition and signal processing. Its updated SDR handbook reviews SDR principles, products, and applications.

Microphones built with piezoelectric microelectromechanical-system (MEMS) technology enable reliable far-field voice recognition apps in devices such as smartphones, wearables, and smart speakers. Indeed, Vesper Technologies argues in a white paper that piezo MEMS mics are “the only way to build reliable arrays for far-field voice recognition.” Download the white paper to see how it makes its case.

Webinars: IIoT for greener, safer cities; best tech picks for VSM designs

    Intelligent Outdoor Applications Made Seamless with IIoT Security Technology (May 24): Smart-city technologies are critical for managing resources and delivering services in increasingly dense population centers, but they place demands on communications and power infrastructure. Self-powered IIoT technologies are a green solution for enabling smart-city infrastructure and systems. Attend this webinar to learn how IIoT technology is enabling turnkey law-enforcement and security systems that can monitor environments for gunshots, analyze license plates, peer into hard-to-access places, and deliver actionable data in real time using edge computing and AI without the disruption of adding power infrastructure.

    Technologies for Wearable and Clinical Vital Signs Monitoring (May 17): Every VSM use case and market — sports and wellness, assisted living, clinical, security, automotive, and more — presents specific design requirements and challenges. Analog Devices will review technologies for biopotential measurement, bioimpedance measurement, optical heart-rate monitoring, and blood oxygen saturation monitoring in a webcast targeting system architects and hardware, software, and mechanical engineers.

White papers: making a mesh, SDR guidance, piezo MEMS mics

    Selecting the Appropriate Wireless Mesh Network Technology (Silicon Labs): Mesh networks are an ideal technology for implementing IoT applications such as building and home automation, lighting systems, and retail beacon systems. Download the white paper for tips on choosing the right wireless mesh network technology for your IoT device design and for getting started on your implementation.

    Software-Defined Radio Handbook, 13th Edition (Pentek): SDR has revolutionized electronic systems for communications, data acquisition, and signal processing. This handbook demonstrates that digital down-converters can replace legacy analog receiver designs to yield performance, density, and cost benefits. Board- and system-level implementations, off-the-shelf SDR products, and applications are presented.

    Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones: Build Reliable Arrays for Far-field Voice Recognition (Vesper): Advances in natural language processing, machine learning, and cloud computing are driving the success of voice assistants in consumer devices, but the true potential of these assistants is still limited by the quality of the input signal captured by the microphone at the front end of the audio signal processing chain. This paper reviews microphone selection criteria for far-field performance, comparing piezoelectric MEMS microphones with standard, electret condenser mics.

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