POREX Expands Presence in Asia Pacific

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Offers unmatched expertise for regional customers through increased manufacturing capabilities and new customer service center

Kuala Lumpur (April 12, 2018) – Porex Corporation will unveil its new customer service center and expanded manufacturing plant on April 26 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. POREX is the leading global innovator of engineering solutions for the filtering, venting, wicking, diffusing, absorbing and applying of gases and liquids across a wide spectrum of applications. The customer service center will house POREX’s growing commercial, business development, marketing, customer service and product development engineering teams for Asia Pacific. The development reflects POREX’s global commitment to provide unmatched solutions and support capabilities for customers who need porous polymer material solutions to meet their unique engineering challenges.

The expansion of its manufacturing facility in Kuala Lumpur will also enable POREX to scale up production of unique fiber lines to better serve customers locally and globally. The new manufacturing plant will see a 40 percent increase in operational floor space – a growth that brings POREX’s capabilities even closer to customers and customers in the region. This also enables POREX to respond to new trends more quickly and thoroughly, and remain ahead of competitors to offer unmatched capabilities for current and future market needs.

The expansion plans come at a time when POREX has been deepening its global footprint and unmatched expertise. With the acquisition of Essentra’s Porous Technologies business last year to strengthen its leading technology in the industry, POREX is continuing to build up its presence worldwide. The expansion of POREX’s commercial, business development, marketing and product development engineering teams will facilitate the creation of new product innovations by working closely and collaboratively with customers in the Asia Pacific region. The expanded team will be better positioned to understand and anticipate the technical challenges facing customers in different industries.

POREX’s growing commercial activities are anticipated to lead to greater local staff expansion, as both the commercial and engineering teams are poised for growth. POREX also hopes to gain and contribute to the business synergies in Shah Alam’s Hicom Industrial Estate, where it can support customers and align with other industry players to support local economic expansion.
“At the present, this facility is focused on key application markets that include cosmetics, automotive, medical and writing instruments,” said Bill Foughty, Senior Vice President Global Operations at POREX, “Examples of our technologies are porous nibs for writing instruments and cosmetics applicators, venting technologies for electronics, and filtration solutions for biomedical applications. Of course, given the high speed at which markets evolve, we are constantly pushing ourselves to explore new applications that would benefit from our technology.

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