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Buyers can shop on LAYLA for semiconductor parts and equipment stress-free...

In the highly competitive, fast-moving semiconductor manufacturing industry, strategic procurement is essential. When sourcing semiconductor parts and equipment, multiple factors must be considered, including reliability, ability to meet shipping dates, volume and price. The “best” supplier could be a major well-known name or a new provider that you haven’t purchased from yet.

Sending quote requests to semiconductor suppliers is time-consuming and may exclude unknown sources better-suited to meet specific requirements. Created specifically for the specialized semiconductor industry, the online e-commerce site provides instant access to the global semiconductor market connecting buyers and sellers from around the world.

Buyers can shop on LAYLA for semiconductor parts and equipment stress-free

Designed to provide all of the information that engineers and procurement professionals require to make the best purchasing decision, LAYLA shows pricing, pictures, lead time, warranty terms and the condition of used equipment at a glance. Buyers and sellers can also negotiate pricing and shipping methods within the LAYLA marketplace, allowing great flexibility and opportunities to accommodate special requirements and changing needs.

No matter whether speed of delivery, price or a specific set of strict requirements must be met by a highly rated seller, the vast network of sellers on LAYLA ensures that the best possible provider can/will be found for each project.

Demand function eases special order sourcing

The LAYLA marketplace goes well beyond commodity chips. For buyers looking for a specialized item that isn’t listed such as a complex system-on-a-chip or a specific piece of used equipment, LAYLA provides a demand function. Buyers can easily post a description of the required item, and LAYLA will send a demand notification to sellers. All sellers in the worldwide LAYLA network then have the opportunity to offer to meet the demand.

Created by specialists to make buying and selling semiconductors easy

The LAYLA marketplace was developed by semiconductor and IT specialists with international trading experience. Specialists continue to monitor and supervise the site, providing support and ensuring that the site is safe, reliable and easy to use.

Run by TMH Inc., a Japanese semiconductor parts and equipment trading company, LAYLA is designed to meet special needs and be reliable and easy to use for industry professionals. Buyers can quickly search by keyword or category to find specific products or to browse available items. Categories organize everything from consumables to ESC to power supplies, allowing buyers to search efficiently.

Safe payments and escrow service reduce uncertainty

With LAYLA, payments are made using convenient methods including PayPal and bank transfers to ease transactions and to minimize risks. For payments over $10,000, LAYLA functions as an escrow agent between the buyer and seller. LAYLA will soon be adding new payment options such as AliPay to make conducting business even easier.

Seller ratings and certifications inspire trust, comfort and fair competition

LAYLA offers a certified seller status to registered sellers that consistently provide outstanding customer service to LAYLA buyers. Requirements for certification include an order cancellation rate due to seller of less than 1 percent for a specified period of time, a set level of activity on the site and a high rating score from buyers.

This ranking and certification system offers protection to buyers as well. Companies attempting to list false pricing or information are prohibited, and sellers offering low-quality service will be eliminated from LAYLA, ensuring that the marketplace is populated with reputable, reliable sellers competing fairly.

No signup fees or listing fees

To keep the marketplace as open and extensive as possible, buyers and sellers can register on LAYLA for free. Sellers can list an unlimited number of products at no charge. A 9.5-percent commission is charged to the seller on the purchase price when a product is shipped.

Time-saving buying and selling tool

By streamlining the exchange of goods, the LAYLA marketplace saves time for both buyers and sellers. Having one trusted location to trade goods on the worldwide market allows buyers and sellers to operate efficiently and conduct transactions with confidence.

Through the LAYLA marketplace, sellers can expand their reach globally in a structured, safe environment. Because LAYLA specializes only in semiconductor-related trading, sellers can count on reaching procurement professionals in the industry.

With the expanding quantity of electronics being manufactured that require specialty semiconductors and the multitude of companies providing semiconductors, matching products to needs requires a sophisticated, efficient solution.

The LAYLA marketplace opens the doors to the global semiconductor manufacturing industry, providing access to the quality, delivery window and budget to suit every project.

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