100Mbps data isolator integrates DC/DC converter

Article By : EE Times Asia

The ISOW7841 reduces device operating temperature by up to 40°C, resulting in higher power delivery and higher channel count, according to TI.

Texas Instruments' new single-chip reinforced isolator offers 80% higher power efficiency than existing integrated devices, supporting reliable operation of industrial systems, including factory automation, grid infrastructure, motor control, isolated power supplies, and test and measurement equipment.

Compared to discrete solutions, the ISOW7841 integrates both isolated data and power, enabling a smaller bill of materials (BOM) and reduced board space, as well as helping with easier and faster system certification, according to the company.

The ISOW7841 reduces device operating temperature by up to 40°C, resulting in higher power delivery, higher channel count and longer system lifetime than other integrated solutions. It also combines reinforced isolation and DC/DC conversion in a single package to minimise board space and cost for easier multichannel system design, while a working voltage of 1kVrms helps provide improved system reliability and lifetime. The ISOW7841 supports an input voltage range of 3V to 5.5V, while delivering 0.65W of output power.

The ISOW7841 improves system signal integrity by minimising system noise and providing electromagnetic compatibility to meet International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61000-4-x standards for electrostatic discharge and electrical fast transient events. The reinforced isolator also offers the highest level of immunity available in the market today reducing the effect of noise and high-voltage events on the industrial equipment, according to TI.

The ISOW7841 reinforced isolator with a three forward/one backward channel configuration is the first device in the ISOW78xx family, with multiple devices expected later in 2017.

The ISOW7841 reinforced isolator with integrated power is now available in a 16-pin small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) wide-body package. This device is available in both fail-safe low and fail-safe high configurations. Pricing starts at $5.50 in 1,000-unit quantities.

Designers can easily evaluate the new reinforced isolator with the ISOW7841 evaluation module (ISOW7841EVM), available today for $49. Engineers can also jump-start their system design with the integrated signal and power reference designs for isolated RS-485 and RS-232. Another reference design is available to help integrate reinforced isolation and power in an industrial grid design.

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